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News Corp.'s U.K. Actions Under Scrutiny In U.S.

The newest legal front for Rupert Murdoch's media giant involves the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, a 1977 law banning U.S. firms from paying bribes to government officials abroad. The British division of the U.S. company has admitted that private investigators working for one of its newspapers paid police for information from confidential databases.

Political Ads Target TV, But Not Everyone Is Tuning In

The 2012 presidential election is more than a year away, but that's not keeping political advertisers from targeting the TV airwaves. However, a survey has found that the TV audience is shrinking — especially the young voters.

Study Examines Where Americans Turn To For News

David Greene and Steve Inskeep report on the latest findings from the Pew Research Center about how people gather information about their local communities. A study out Monday finds people are using a blend of new and old media platforms, depending on the topic.

Methods Of Palin Book Author Draw Ire

Joe McGinniss stirred controversy with his book The Rogue on Sarah Palin even before it came out. Last summer, he moved in next door to Palin's lakeside home in Wasilla, Alaska, and was denounced as a stalker. His book is crammed with anecdotes of wrongdoing and hypocrisy in her public and private lives — but he's also drawing just as much attention for how he reported his tale.

'Unauthorized' Book On WikiLeaks' Assange Released

The publisher says it released the book because the WikiLeaks founder received a six-figure advance but then changed his mind and kept the money. In the memoir, Assange says he did not sexually assault two women who have accused him of rape.

'Ebony,' 'Jet' Parent Takes A Bold New Tack

After a tough few years, Johnson Publishing says it has righted its course — revamping its flagship titles and selling an equity stake in the iconic black-owned company to raise money for brand-building.

Former NPR News Exec Ellen Weiss Takes Job At Center For Public Integrity

Weiss resigned in January from her job as NPR's senior vice president for news after an independent review raised questions about "the speed and handling" of news analyst Juan Williams' termination.