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'Steve Jobs' Book Reveals Delay In Cancer Surgery; Vow To Destroy Android

With a book about Steve Jobs' life set to hit real and virtual shelves soon, his official biographer, Walter Isaacson, is appearing on 60 Minutes. The book reveals that Jobs waited months before having surgery on a tumor — and unknowingly met his biological father.

The Informal Media Team Behind Occupy Wall Street

Volunteers monitor social media and produce the group's Livestream to get news to their followers. Some say it makes them think about a career in journalism; others joined to get their message out. "Getting in front of the camera [and] trying to inspire people ... is just who I am," says one volunteer.

Some News Corp Investors Aim To Challenge Murdoch

The annual meeting of News Corp's shareholders will take place this Friday under unusual circumstances — a growing number of corporate governance advisers and a significant number of investors are calling for the Murdoch family and their close allies to loosen their hold on the corporation's board. This follows the phone hacking and police corruption scandal in the U.K. that has enveloped James Murdoch and his former top lieutenants, as well as subsequent questions about the larger company's governance and structure. As the Murdochs control about 40 percent of voting stock and a sympathetic Saudi prince controls another 7 percent, there is almost no mathematical chance they can be forced to relinquish control on a vote. However, it represents a moment at which notable opposition has built up against the Murdochs — both outside and inside the corporate sphere.

Tina Brown's Must Reads: The Republican Schism

The editor of Newsweek offers some required reading on the gap between the Tea Party and the Republican establishment — and talks about the "Yes We Cain" issue of Newsweek, featuring Republican Herman Cain. "Herman Cain is surprising everybody," Brown says.

Apps For Exercise, Eating And Sending Postcards

Today's smartphones have apps that can help you track your latest jogging route — and find a place to eat afterward. And if you snap a nice picture along the way, they'll even let you use that to make a postcard.

The News Tip: Hold On To Your Credibility

As a news organization, it's tough to restore credibility after it's been badly damaged. Giving News Corp. the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the most recent allegations of wrongdoing has become tougher, considering its summer-long scandal.

Cain Says He's Not Just The Flavor Of The Week

At least one poll has Herman Cain leading the race for the Republican presidential nomination. Cain tells NPR's Scott Simon that his camapaign has substance. The full interview will air on Weekend Edition Saturday.