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Hugh Grant Accuses Tabloid Of Hacking His Phone

Actor Hugh Grant has told a British judge that he was the victim of hacking by a tabloid not owned by Rupert Murdoch. He, in effect, blamed the entire tabloid industry in Britain for invasions of his privacy.

A Look At The 'First Live Magazine'

Robert Siegel talks to Douglas McGray editor of Pop-Up Magazine. Pop-Up Magazine calls itself "the world's first live magazine." It's a presentation for stage, screen and live audience. There's no mailing and no online component. An issue exists for one night, in one place.

How Networks Are Filling Airtime Without The NBA

It's looking more and more likely that the NBA won't have a season this year. NPR's Elizabeth Blair reports the TV networks have been playing extra episodes of CSI: NY and extended editions of Sports Center for now.

Looking Up Words In A Book Not So Strange Yet

"Smoot" is one of 10,000 new words featured in the fifth edition of The American Heritage Dictionary, out this month. In an era when every definition is just a click away, why publish an enormous book of words? For the answer, host Audie Cornish turns to the dictionary's executive editor, Steve Kleinedler.

The News Tip: Saying It's Over Doesn't Make It So

Two weeks ago, Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain found himself fending off reports of sexual harassment published in the Washington political newspaper, Politico. He said there was "nothing else there to dig up." That was, predictably, not the end of the story.