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Russian Accuses Voice Of America Of Fake Interview

Anti-corruption crusader Alexei Navalny has been the victim of many dirty tricks by pro-Kremlin media. But when Voice of America published an online interview that had him criticizing other Russian opposition figures, Navalny quickly tweeted that the interview was a fake. The VOA's response: "We may have been scammed."

Signs Of A Media Crackdown Emerge In Russia

Less than two weeks before Russia's presidential elections, the country's independent media are in a state of anxiety. Government-run news outlets seem more open than ever to divergent viewpoints — but Russian officials may be targeting independents they think go too far.

Careful With That Fire, Drinking And Litter: 70 Years Of The Ad Council's Advice

Created during World War II, the Ad Council has launched one iconic public service announcement after another, from Rosie the Riveter to Smokey Bear. The nonprofit organization turns 70 on Saturday; what better way to celebrate than to take a stroll down memory lane?

Rupert Murdoch Tries To Calm Fears At 'Sun'

Following days of rebellious complaints from The Sun tabloid's newsroom, News Corp. boss Rupert Murdoch was in London Friday to reassure journalists of his commitment to the paper. Murdoch also announced plans to create a Sunday edition of The Sun.

Murdoch Promises Sunday Edition At Besieged Sun Tabloid

Murdoch tells staff at The Sun, where ten current and former journalists have been arrested in recent weeks, that the paper will roll out a Sunday edition "soon."

'Times' Reporter Dies After Asthma Attack In Syria

Pulitzer Prize-winning foreign correspondent Anthony Shadid died from an asthma attack after slipping into Syria on Thursday. He told the stories of those caught in — and trying to break free from — oppressive regimes and wartime violence. He was working for The New York Times. Shadid was 43.

Halt In 'Colbert Report' Production Reportedly Due To Family Emergency

An abrupt suspension in The Colbert Report's production schedule led to many rumors online Thursday, after Comedy Central said it would air reruns for three days this week. The delay is due to a family emergency, The Wall Street Journal reports