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Al-Jazeera Buys Current TV

The acquisition gives Al-Jazeera, which is financed by the Qatari government, access to an American TV audience. The new channel, Al-Jazeera America, will be based in New York.

Andrew Sullivan's 'The Dish' Is Leaving 'The Daily Beast,' Going Solo Again

The widely read political blog, which began as in independent forum for Sullivan's voice, is going to try charging for its content. "Getting readers to pay a small amount for content," Sullivan writes, is "the only truly solid future for online journalism."

N.Y. News Outlet That Posted Names Of Gun Owners Hires Armed Guards

After The Journal News posted a database showing the names and addresses of individuals with gun permits in three suburban New York counties, it came under intense criticism.

Headlines That Got More Attention Than They Deserved

Morning Edition commentator John Ridley shares some of his top "non-troversies" of the year. All those news stories that seemed so important at the time but that now make you say "really?"

Journalists Thrust Into Heart Of Gun Story

Coverage of the gun control story has become hypercharged since the shootings in Newtown, Conn. Even journalists such as David Gregory and Piers Morgan have become part of the story.

N.Y. Website Posts Map Of People With Gun Permits, Draws Criticism

The suburban Journal News took publicly available information to produce an interactive database. Critics say the newspaper has treated gun owners as if they are sex offenders.

By Showing Ammo Magazine On NBC, Did David Gregory Break The Law?

Washington, D.C., city police are investigating whether NBC News' David Gregory broke the district's laws when he displayed what he said was a "magazine for ammunition that carries 30 bullets" on Sunday's edition of Meet the Press.