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Watch The Super Bowl Or We'll Kick This Dog: The Saddest Ads Ever

After years of nearly naked women and crazy animals, the Super Bowl ads had a new theme this year: your heart, and how to break it.

Egypt Frees Journalist Accused Of Aiding Muslim Brotherhood

Australian journalist Peter Greste has been freed by Egyptian authorities. The Al-Jazeera reporter had been imprisoned for months accused of aiding the now-banned Muslim Brotherhood.

The Success Of Fox's 'Empire' Reveals A Few Do's And Don'ts For TV

Fox's hip-hop drama is a growing hit that could rescue the network. In a fragmented marketplace, the TV industry is learning the value of creating shows for underserved audiences.

Patriots Beat Seahawks 28-24 In Super Bowl XLIX

Defending champs Seattle were edged out by the East Coast rivals. The two closely matched teams were tied at halftime but New England pulled ahead late in the fourth quarter.

The Infinite Whiteness Of Public Radio Voices

The hashtag #publicradiovoices, about the "whiteness" of public radio, trended on Twitter this week. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Gene Demby of NPR's Code Switch team about the conversation.

Is There A #PubRadioVoice That Sounds Like America?

Earlier this week, we hosted a Twitter chat that tackled questions about diversity in public radio and the pressure some journalists of color feel to sound "white."

'Morning Edition' Says Goodbye To Ellen McDonnell

Ellen McDonnell was an original staff member of the show — starting in 1979 as a news writer, then overnight producer and eventually executive producer. She later oversaw all of NPR's news programs.

Media Outlets Partner With Snapchat To Appeal To Younger Users

As people disappear from the audiences of conventional news organizations, 11 media outlets have partnered with Snapchat in the U.S. to offer its younger users easily digested fare within the app.

Challenging The Whiteness Of Public Radio

Chenjerai Kumanyika loves public radio, but when it's his turn at the microphone, he worries that he doesn't sound like himself. It got him thinking about the predominant white sound of public media.

NBC's 'Parenthood' Ends As A Family Drama Built On Small Moments

After six seasons, the final episode airs tonight. NPR TV Critic Eric Deggans says the show is a rare gem; a family drama centered on the small, emotional moments between relatives.