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Is It Ethical? Universities Pay Newspaper For Coverage

The Orange County Register in Southern California recently started devoting weekly sections to local universities, after the paper approached the schools to fund the sections. Critics say it's a breach of ethics, while supporters say journalism needs to find new ways to pay for itself.
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Analysis: Mikulski Engaged In Military Sexual Assault Debate, Calls For More Accountability

David Hawkings, of Hawkings Here for Roll Call, has the latest on the military sexual assault debate and how the rape case at the Naval Academy affects the issue.


From Classic Toys To New Twists, Kids Go Back To Blocks

NPR's Neda Ulaby investigates a trend in toys that sounds awfully familiar: Manufacturers are finding new ways to get kids interested in playing with blocks, both real and virtual.

Journalist Michael Hastings Dies In Car Crash At Age 33

The journalist whose candid interviews of Gen. Stanley McChrystal led to the officer's eventual removal from his post has died in a car crash, according to reports.

New Ads Still Warn A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

The United Negro College Fund's new campaign shows just how much the way we talk about and around race has changed.

Facebook, Microsoft Reveal Requests For User Data

The tech giants say they have been allowed to reveal data requests from the government in broad terms, but expressed frustration that they aren't permitted to say more.

The Protojournalist: An NPR Project

Welcome to NPR's new journalism project, a blog devoted to finding new, inventive and engaging ways to tell stories.

Gannett To Buy TV Station Owner Belo For $2.2 Billion

The deal for $1.5 billion in cash and more than $700 million in Belo debt will nearly double the number of Gannett-owned TV stations, to 43.