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Obama Campaign Buys Air Time In Michigan Touting Auto Bailout

A day after the superPAC supporting President Obama purchased air time in Michigan for a spot attacking Mitt Romney for his opposition to the auto industry bailout, the president's re-election campaign itself bought air time in the state to run a pre-Republican primary ad on the issue.

A California Civil War Over Internet Piracy

In southern California, Hollywood howls over "piracy" and is pushing for legislation. In the north, Silicon Valley cries foul over what it sees as restrictions on a free and open Internet. The most pressing issue for both may be the huge sums of money each stands to lose.
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Funding For Public Broadcasting In Virginia May Be Saved

Funding for public broadcasting in Virginia may not disappear completely after all, under a budget amendment approved by state senators.


Egypt's Press Still Feels The Power Of The Military

Hopes ran high for a new era of freedom of expression after the ouster of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. But a year later, Egypt's independent media still face challenges from the ruling military council and from self-censorship.

How Companies Are 'Defining Your Worth' Online

Advertisers collect information with every digital move people make. They then target ads based on that information. Communications scholar Joseph Turow worries that advertisers will use such data to discriminate against people and put them into "reputation silos."

Marie Colvin Died In Syria While Exposing 'The Horrors Of War'

One of two journalists killed today, she spent her life reporting from war zones across the world to illuminate the tragedies and perils that ordinary people caught in extraordinary events face.

Comcast Picks Up 4 Minority-Owned Cable Channels

The country's largest cable company Comcast announced it's going to carry four new channels geared toward African American and Latino audiences. Owners include Magic Johnson, Sean "Diddy" Combs and movie director Robert Rodriguez. Comcast promised Congress nearly two years ago that it would carry more minority-owned and operated networks in its bid to acquire NBC-Universal.
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Donald Graham of The Washington Post Company

Donald Graham, CEO of The Washington Post Company talks journalism, web ventures and more with Kojo.