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Increasingly, Reporters Must First Answer Some Questions

More and more often, elected officials and their staffs are checking out journalists who come calling. They say they just can't be sure anymore if someone really is or isn't a reporter.

Like The Instagram-Facebook Deal? Depends On Your Filter

Facebook's decision to acquire Instagram for $1 billion set off strong reactions among Instagram users Monday, when the deal was announced. And if any of the photo-sharing service's fans were in love with the deal, they seemed to be keeping pretty quiet about it.
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Cause Marketing and Ethical Branding

Whether it's saving yogurt lids to beat breast cancer or buying a particular brand of diapers to help vaccinate poor children, we are increasingly encouraged to do good by going shopping. Diane and her guests explore the world of consumer marketing and philanthropy.


Fresh Air Remembers Mike Wallace Of '60 Minutes'

The CBS News correspondent who became famous for his two-fisted interview style and hard-hitting interviews with politicians, celebrities and newsmakers died Saturday. He was 93. Fresh Air remembers Wallace with excerpts from a 2005 interview.

CBS Neswman Mike Wallace Dies

CBS News veteran Mike Wallace has died, the network announced Sunday. He was 93. Rachel Martin talks to NPR's David Folkenflik about Wallace's legacy.

Veteran Newsman Mike Wallace Of '60 Minutes' Dies

No question was too pointed during Mike Wallace's storied and notorious television career. The ambush interview. The gotcha. That trademark inflection conveying disbelief. Was there ever a more entertaining American television interviewer than Wallace? He died Saturday at 93.
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Web Series Attract Growing, Loyal Fan Bases

As more entertainment makes the jump to the Internet, web series are beginning to draw attention and interest.

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CBS News Correspondent Mike Wallace Dies

Legendary journalist Mike Wallace has died at 93.

'60 Minutes' Newsman Mike Wallace Has Died

CBS News is reporting that veteran newsman Mike Wallace has died at age 93.