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'The Onion' To Halt Decades-Long Assault On Trees

In December, the satirical news source will stop publishing print editions and shift to being all-digital. Milwaukee Public Radio calls today "a sad day for the sarcastic among us."

Blockbuster Fades Out, But Some Zombie Stores Will Live On

Dish Network announced this week that it will shutter the 300 or so remaining Blockbuster stores it owns across the country. But in some places, dozens of the video stores will have an unlikely afterlife.

In Reversal, CBS Retracts Account From '60 Minutes' Benghazi Source

On Friday, CBS News retracted a key element of an investigative report about the deadly attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, saying the network had been misled. CBS had defended its story for days despite growing doubts about the credibility of the British security contractor it presented as an eyewitness to the attack.

'60 Minutes' Apologizes For Benghazi Report: 'We Were Wrong'

A man 60 Minutes said had been on the scene of the September 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya, gave different accounts to his employer and to the FBI. He told them he had not been a witness to the attack. Now, the news show says it was wrong to put him on the air.

Nick Bilton On Twitter's Creation Myth & 'Forgotten Founder'

Thursday's stock darling was an idea that came out of one man's loneliness. Bilton shares details of the betrayals and ousters during Twitter's earliest days.
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Radio Diaries Revisited

Sixteen years ago, a group of teenagers from around the country were given tape recorders to document their lives for the series "Teenage Diaries." Two of the original diarists join us to talk about their lives today.


One Reason Twitter's Confident About Its Ad Possibilities

The social media giant that made its name on 140-character messages is set to debut on the New York Stock Exchange this week. These numbers help explain why the company is bullish about making millions in advertising.

'Bloomberg Markets' Magazine Reveals Hidden Billionaires

The world's top 100 billionaires have a combined fortune of $2.1 trillion, according to Bloomberg Markets magazine. In the latest issue out Tuesday, it lists the richest of the rich. Morning Edition's David Greene talked to editor Matthew Miller, who oversees the rankings.

Twitter Ups Share Price Ahead Of IPO

Twitter is expected to begin selling shares to the public on Thursday. The company raised its price range to $23 to $25 per share Monday amid strong interest in the IPO. In just a few years, Twitter has influenced politics, language and the media, but it has yet to turn a profit. The company's executives believe that will change as it grabs a significant share of mobile advertising revenue.

Why The Dearth Of Black Commediennes In 'SNL' Cast?

Scandal star Kerry Washington's turn hosting NBC's Saturday Night Live this Saturday has revived criticism of the show's lack of black female cast members. The issue was raised earlier this year when SNL announced five new cast members — four male, all white. The show's lack of black women — only three have ever been cast in 38 years — forces the show's black males to dress as black women, which echoes historic, demeaning issues for black male comics. It also keeps SNL from featuring black female characters and keeps black women from entering the farm team of America's comedy elite who launch their careers there.