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The News Tip: Hold On To Your Credibility

As a news organization, it's tough to restore credibility after it's been badly damaged. Giving News Corp. the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the most recent allegations of wrongdoing has become tougher, considering its summer-long scandal.

Cain Says He's Not Just The Flavor Of The Week

At least one poll has Herman Cain leading the race for the Republican presidential nomination. Cain tells NPR's Scott Simon that his camapaign has substance. The full interview will air on Weekend Edition Saturday.

Tracking The Media's Eye On Occupy Wall Street

At first, the complaint from the left was that news organizations had ignored the movement. But as they swung their gaze, journalists weren't quite sure how to characterize what they saw. Lacking easy labels, Occupy Wall Street proved difficult for the media to categorize — and to cover.

Comparing Apple's iPhone 4S And The Droid Bionic

Apple's new smartphone, the iPhone 4S, lands in stores Friday, armed with a voice assistant and a new camera. One of the new iPhone's biggest rivals will be the Motorola Bionic, which runs on Google's Android operating system. Both phones are very capable, and very fast, says Rich Jaroslovsky.

NPR Ombudsman Ponders Journalism's Big Questions

NPR's new ombudsman, Edward Schumacher-Matos, has spent more than 30 years reporting and editing for some of the nation's most prestigious news outlets. He joins NPR's Neal Conan to talk about what it means to be a journalist and the role journalism plays in a democracy.

The Subtleties Of Marketing Beer To Latinos

As Latinos become a bigger segment of the U.S. population, the beer industry is trying more nuanced ways of influencing them. "We segment them by their attitudes as well as demographics," says marketer Jim Sabia, whose company distributes Corona and other Mexican beers.

Netflix Kills Qwikster; Price Hike Lives On

Bowing to customers' anger and confusion, the company is backpedaling on a move to divide its streaming and DVD movie offerings. Netflix is doing away with its Qwikster service before it even launches — but it's keeping the price increases announced in July.

Foodie Wannabe? Here's How To Fake It

Melissa Block speaks with Alton Brown, creator of "Good Eats" on the Food Network, about his recent comments in New York Magazine on faking food and wine knowledge. Brown gives tips and explains why you might want to fake it on occasion.