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London's Opening Ceremony Gets Rave Reviews; NBC, Not So Much

The London Olympics are in full swing, after an opening ceremony Friday that was chock-full of historic and cultural imagery drawn from Britain's past. Critics are gushing over Queen Elizabeth's role in the spectacle — along with James Bond. But there is room for debate — especially among viewers here in the U.S.
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Carolyn Hax And Nick Galifianakis: Tell Me About It

It's not your grandmother's advice column: Words of wisdom from Carolyn Hax and Nick Galifianakis.

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Photographing The Police

The right to photograph or record the police has repeatedly been upheld in the courts, yet new lawsuits and cases highlight the complicated line for both police and citizens.


CNN Chief Jim Walton Stepping Down

The cable news network needs new thinking, he says. It has seen its ratings slump.

NPR Taps Lobbying Firm To Help Make Case On Public Funding

The outside lobbying firm, which has deep GOP roots, has been hired as some House Republicans seek to make deep funding cuts to public broadcasting. NPR says no federal funds are being used to pay for the lobbying.
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Social Media and the Olympics

The Summer Olympic games in London is ground zero for traditional media outlets from around the world, but it may be the athletes using their own social media making the biggest waves...

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Quote Approval: Good Journalism Or Giving In?

It’s a fight raging among journalists: Should politicians and other sources be allowed to see articles or approve quotes before they’re published? What do you think?


Reporter's Notebook: In Afghanistan, Facts Are Difficult To Pin Down

Officials may say something one day, only to change their stories the next. NPR's Sean Carberry runs through how details about a police officer's defection to the Taliban varied in less than 24 hours.

Two Former News Corp. Editors Face Hacking Charges

Two former News Corp. editors, Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks, have been charged with crimes involving a phone hacking scandal. Coulson is also a former aide to the Prime Minister. There had previously been charges with interfering with the police investigation, but the new charges are directly involved with interfering with the phone messages at the heart of the scandal.