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Hubbub Over Hillary Clinton Movies: A Dress Rehearsal For 2016

Republican efforts to quash two movies before they've been made show the GOP's concern over a possible 2016 presidential run by the former first lady and secretary of state. But the controversy over a planned CNN documentary and a proposed NBC miniseries does feel somewhat premature.

Bezos' Resources Could Go A Long Way For 'The Post'

News that Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, is buying The Washington Post for $250 million took many in the news media and publishing industries by surprise. For more insight into Bezos, David Greene talks to BusinessWeek senior writer Brad Stone. He is the author of an upcoming book: The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon.

Boston Hopes Red Sox Owner Can Turn Around 'Globe'

In Boston, a billionaire entrepreneur is buying the Boston Globe. John Henry is currently the owner of the Red Sox baseball team. He says he isn't interest in trying to influence the news — including the baseball coverage.

With An Industry In Turmoil, Why Buy A Newspaper Company?

The news that billionaire Jeff Bezos has purchased The Washington Post came shortly after Red Sox owner John Henry agreed to buy The Boston Globe. That's left many scratching their heads as to why a successful businessperson would take on a paper when revenues are plummeting.

'Washington Post' May Find Conflicts In Amazon Coverage

What are the implications of a businessman like Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos owning a major media outlet? Melissa Block talks to Merrill Brown, director of the School of Communication and Media at Montclair State University in New Jersey.

New Magazine Takes A Grown-Up Look At Adoption

The complex and interconnected topics of adoption, race, and culture will form the backbone of a new online magazine that is starting this week. Gazillion Voices was begun with those goals in mind, says Kevin Vollmers, who created the magazine as an extension of his blog.

PBS Names Gwen Ifill, Judy Woodruff Co-Anchors Of 'NewsHour'

This marks the first time the network has had a female co-anchor team. Jim Lehrer stepped down in June of 2011.

Bezos Can Help 'Post' Disrupt Other Businesses, Editor Says

"We're a business that has been disrupted," says Washington Post executive editor Martin Baron. "I think it'll be nice to have somebody who knows how to disrupt other people and other businesses." Jeff Bezos, Baron tells Here & Now, could be that person.
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Catherine Steiner-Adair: "The Big Disconnect"

Studies show that kids ages 8 to 18 are spending more time on their electronic devices than on any other activity. In a new book, Harvard psychologist Catherine Steiner-Adair says technology and media are putting children at risk at every stage of development.


Will 'The New York Times' Be Next To Be Sold?

The purchase of The Washington Post by founder Jeff Bezos has renewed speculation that the Times might also soon go on the auction block. Could New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg be a potential buyer?