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Veteran CBS Correspondent Bob Simon Dies At 73.

Longtime CBS News 60 Minutes correspondent Bob Simon was killed in a car crash Wednesday night in New York city. Simon was 73.

Vollmann Writes About Fukushima's 'Quiet Horror' In 'Harper's Magazine'

David Greene talks to writer William T. Vollmann, who has gained an almost cult-status for his immersion-style storytelling. Vollmann traveled to Japan's now defunct Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Brian Williams' Suspension Brings Attention To Tom Brokaw

We look at the fraught relationship between NBC's Brian Williams (who has been suspended without pay for six months) and his predecessor, Tom Brokaw.

5 Things Jon Stewart Reminded Us About Politics

When comedian Jon Stewart announced he was leaving The Daily Show that sound you heard was 2016 hopefuls breathing a collective sigh of relief.


Watch Jon Stewart Break The News Of His Departure To An Audience

Taping last night's show before the news became public, the Daily Show host faced an awkward task: telling a studio audience that he's leaving the show.

Jon Stewart To Leave 'Daily Show,' NBC Suspends Brian Williams

NBC News announced it suspended anchor Brian Williams without pay for six months over a story inaccuracy. And, Jon Stewart revealed he would leave Comedy Central's The Daily Show later this year.

Brian Williams Suspended For 6 Months Without Pay By NBC

NBC has suspended news anchor Brian Williams without pay for six months. NPR's Robert Siegel talks with NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik.

NBC Suspends Brian Williams For 6 Months Without Pay

The evening news anchor had stepped down voluntarily after he said on air that a helicopter he was on had been hit by fire over Iraq. He later admitted he had "misremembered" the episode.

Jon Stewart Will Leave 'The Daily Show' This Year

Stewart let the news slip during a taping of his show today. Comedy Central said Stewart would remain at the helm of the influential satire show until "later this year."

Chelsea Manning To Be 'Guardian' Columnist

The former Army intelligence analyst, who was sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking classified information, will write for the newspaper's U.S. website. She won't be paid.