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Baron Named Executive Editor At 'Washington Post'

Martin Baron of the Boston Globe has been named the new executive editor of The Washington Post. He replaces Marcus Brauchli who came to the Post in 2008 from The Wall Street Journal.

'Washington Post' Editor Steps Down; 'Boston Globe' Editor To Fill Job

Marcus Brauchli has been the Post's top editor since 2008. He'll stay with the company, focusing on new media opportunities. Martin Baron leaves Boston to join the Post on Jan. 2.
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Washington Post Ombudsman Patrick Pexton

We chat with Washington Post ombudsman Patrick Pexton about the role such positions play in the modern media landscape.


Crisis At BBC Spreads As Two News Execs Step Aside

The moves come just days after the BBC's director-general resigned over a news program that wrongly accused a former lawmaker of child abuse. The scandal, which follows another one involving a late BBC star who's been revealed to be a pedophile, has raised big questions about journalistic standards in the modern age.

Conservative Media Caught in the Blame Game

Some Republicans say Romney's loss is partly the fault of conservative media that kept overstating the candidate's real strength.

BBC Embroiled In Controversy As Leaders Step Down

On Saturday, the BBC's Director General, George Entwistle, resigned. On Monday, Helen Boaden, director of BBC News, and her deputy Stephen Mitchell, took leaves of absence after what appear to be major breaches of journalistic ethics. The first occurred a few weeks ago when the organization spiked an investigative report about alleged child sex abuse by a former BBC star, Jimmy Savile. The second happened last week when the BBC falsely accused a former senior politician, still living, of child abuse.