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Focus On Murdochs Shifts: Were They Bamboozling British Politicians?

At a London inquiry, the media moguls are facing questions about whether they have been trying to strong-arm politicians into supporting their bid to control BSkyB, the satellite broadcaster.

James Murdoch Testifies At Media Ethics Inquiry

News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch and his son James are to appear this week before a panel investigating the practices, culture and ethics of British press. The Murdochs are expected to be asked about the extent of their knowledge of phone hacking by their newspapers.

Murdochs, News Corp Face Big Week Of Investigations

This is a big week for Rupert and James Murdoch. The father and son face more questions from a wide-ranging judicial investigation into press abuses at British units of News Corporation: tabloid phone hacking, computer hacking and a police bribery scandal. Monday marked yet another embarrassing day for News Corp and the Murdochs as Sky News acknowledged it had hacked into the email of the target of two stories, despite explicitly telling the inquiry in September it had not been involved in any hacking.
Thursday, May 10, 2012

Behind the Scenes of The Big Broadcast

WAMU’s Ed Walker and Rob Bamberger present samples of vintage radio broadcasts and discuss how the programs enriched the lives of Americans in the 1930s and 1940s.


Murdoch's News Corp. Faces New Legal Threats

Rupert Murdoch's British newspaper division is accused of phone hacking and bribing police officers. That scandal has already cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars. Now News Corp. is fending off media reports that a specialized unit engaged in industrial espionage on behalf of the company's global satellite and cable TV operations.