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Sexism And Social Media

Facebook has pledged to review its content policies, after a social media campaign highlighted misogynistic content on the network.


Several News Organizations Rebuff Holder Meetings

Attorney General Eric Holder has invited news organizations to a meeting, held on background, to discuss the Justice Department's dealings with journalists. Several news organizations have declined to attend. Relations between Holder and journalists have been tense since revelations of DOJ leak investigations that have included broad subpoenas for journalists' emails and phone records. Robert Siegel speaks with NPR's David Folkenflik.

'Chicago Sun-Times' Fires Its Photographers

The newspaper will rely on freelancers, wire services and reporters equipped with cameras. Add photographers to a growing list of those in the newspaper industry who are seeing their jobs disappear.

Why Shield Laws Don't Always Help Media's Position

The controversy over the Justice Department's subpoenas for reporter records from AP and Fox shows no signs of waning. President Obama has directed the attorney general to review Watergate-era guidelines and meet with news organizations.

Two Newspapers Battle It Out For The New Orleans Market

Residents were outraged when The Times-Picayune cut its paper-and-ink edition to three days a week to focus on its website. Now the paper is facing a new competitor for the local media market — one based 80 miles away.

Larry King Signs Up With The Russians

The long-time TV and radio host, who left CNN in December 2010, will be on RT — an English-language Russian TV channel. King, 79, says he'll be talking about politics with "some of the most influential people in Washington and around the country."