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As Session Ends, Maryland Legislators Seek To Finalize Body Camera Bills

With only four days left in this year's legislative session, Maryland legislators are looking to pass two bills that would expand the use of body-worn cameras by police forces in the state.
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Census Bureau Guard Dies After Shooting That Ended With Dramatic Car Chase

An armed man kidnapped a woman, shot a Census Bureau guard and led police on a car chase through Maryland and Washington, D.C., on Thursday before authorities cornered him in an exchange of gunfire.
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Animal Abusers In Maryland May Soon Have To Pay For Care Of Animals

Maryland is one of the few states in the U.S. that does not make convicted animal abusers pay for the costs of caring for those animals, but that may soon change.
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Proposal For Military Charter School Moves Forward In Ward 8

A new charter middle school may be coming to the Joint Base Anacostia Bolling military installation.

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Who Watches The Watchers? Recording The Police In D.C., Maryland & Virginia

The recent shooting of a black man by a police officer in South Carolina has renewed the debate over cameras — should police have to wear them, and can citizens use them to keep police in check?
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Compromise On Fracking Appears To Be Settled In Maryland Legislature

Versions of a two-year delay on permits for hydraulic fracturing in parts of western Maryland have passed in each side of the General Assembly.

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Maryland Governor Faces Decision On Proposed Hotel Bookings Tax

Supporters claim the measure would close a loophole in sales tax collection, but Gov. Larry Hogan campaigned hard last year against tax increases of any kind.

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Maryland Approves Birth Certificate Bill For Transgender Residents

A measure to make it easier for transgender residents to get new birth certificates has cleared the Maryland General Assembly.
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Tax Credits For Maryland Private School Donors Run Afoul Of Teacher's Union

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is at odds with state Democrats over his proposal to offer tax credits for residents or businesses that contribute to private schools. But Democrats — and groups like teacher's unions and the ACLU — aren't biting.

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Eastern Shore Wind Farm Scrapped Amid Political Opposition

Pioneer Green Energy says its decision hold off on the wind project is based on opposition from state and federal lawmakers