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Getting More Highway Funding Via Corporate Tax Reform: Q&A With Rep. John Delaney

The federal Highway Trust Fund is set to run out of cash again. The Maryland Democrat is pushing for legislation that would shore up the fund with money from new sources.

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A Maryland Town Of 14 People Manages To Keep On Keepin' On

Port Tobacco was once the second-largest city in Maryland, but two centuries later, it is the state's smallest. What does that mean for the town's handful of residents? Hans Anderson takes a look.

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Threats And Abuse Are Part Of The Job At Metro, Drivers And Station Managers Say

At a meeting organized by the Metro employees union, the transit system's subway station managers, bus drivers and other employees talked about the fears that come with their work.

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Budget Votes Provide A Platform For Maryland's Senate Hopefuls

Wednesday night's budget votes gave Reps. Donna Edwards and Chris Van Hollen a chance to separate themselves politically as they position for the Democratic nomination in Maryland's 2016 Senate race.

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Bill On Transgender Birth Certificate Rules Advances In Maryland

Maryland's legislature is working on a bill intended to provide additional anti-discrimination protections for transgender people. This time, the measure would affect details on a person's birth certificate.

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Maryland Moves To Change State Privacy Law To Allow Body Camera Use By Police

A bill that would change Maryland's wiretapping law to ease the use of body cameras by police officers has taken a step forward in Annapolis.
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After-School Program Puts Message Of Respect Where Baltimore's Eyes Can See It

In a city where 15 juveniles were murdered last year, a Latino youth program is spreading a message of unity and nonviolence.

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Venezuelan Restaurant In Maryland Serves Up Political Debate Alongside Arepas

Venezuela's turmoil is often part of the conversation at a restaurant in Hyattsville.

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In Maryland, A Push For Even Tighter Regulation Of Fracking

The Maryland House of Delegates is moving forward with a bill that would put a three-year moratorium on hydraulic fracturing.
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Before Texas, Maryland And Virginia Fought Confederate Flag License Plates

Long before Texas rejected a license plate design including the Confederate flag, legal battles erupted in Maryland and Virginia over what messages and images are and are not allowed on state-issued tags.