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Maryland Senate Gives Preliminary Approval To Strict Fracking Bill

After a week of intense debate, the Maryland Senate has given preliminary approval to a bill creating some of the strictest liability standards in the U.S. for fracking companies.
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Sens. Ted Cruz, James Lankford Attack Two D.C. Laws: Q&A With Roll Call's David Hawkings

Never forget that Cruz is running for president, the Roll Call columnist says.

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'Rain Tax' Repeal Clears Another Hurdle In Maryland Legislature

The state Senate has given preliminary approval to repealing the mandate that local governments charge residents the fee in order to pay for federally mandated cleanup of the Chesapeake Bay.

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Md. Senate Delays Vote On Strict Fracking Bill, But Defeats One Key Amendment

For a third day, the Maryland Senate has delayed a vote on legislation that would put some of the strongest liability standards in the U.S. on drilling companies that frack in the state. But the measure did clear an important hurdle.
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Kids Live History At One-Room Seneca Schoolhouse In Maryland

For more than 35 years, young students from D.C., Maryland and Virginia have been whisked back in time at a one-room schoolhouse in Poolesville, Maryland.

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A Seventh-Generation Maryland Farmer Embraces Her Roots

For 27-year-old Nora Crist, farming is in her blood: her family has been working the land in Howard County, Maryland, for hundreds of years.

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How A Blind Maryland Boy Defines His Life With His Music, Not His Disability

Cole Moran, 12, has been blind since birth; now he's gaining recognition for his talent as a harmonica player.

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Tweaks To Marijuana Decriminalization Draw Debate In Maryland Legislature

State lawmakers in Maryland are learning that decriminalizing marijuana isn't as simple as passing a law ending the potential of jail time for possession.

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ACLU: 70 Percent Of People Killed By Police In Maryland From 2010-14 Were Black

Over the past four years, 109 were killed in police encounters in Maryland, and nearly three-quarters of them were African-American, according to the ACLU.

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What Does Metro Need More: A Transit Specialist Or A Financial Guru?

Maryland’s new transportation chief, Pete Rahn, is adding his voice to the growing number of public officials who say Metro should hire a "financial whiz" instead of a transit specialist as its next general manager.