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'No Illusions' For Starr As He Prepares To Leave Montgomery County Schools

The Maryland county's superintendant is leaving his job under public uncertainty about what conflicts led to the decision.

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With Board Support In Question, MoCo Schools Superintendent Resigns

Montgomery County Schools Superintendent Dr. Joshua Starr is resigning, leaving his post four months before his contract was up.
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Proposal For Montgomery County Transit Authority Scrapped

Just two months ago, Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett proposed an independent transit authority for the county. After a flurry of criticism in Annapolis, the plan is beign reconsidered.

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Montgomery County Schools Plan To Beef Up Background Checks On Employees, Contractors

After the recent arrest of a substitute teacher accused of sexually assaulting a student, Montgomery County school leaders promised action on preventing similar incidents in the future.
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MoCo Firefighters Find Communications Dead Zones In Metro System

Montgomery County firefighters are having trouble communicating inside Metro stations, three weeks after communication problems may have delayed a rescue effort at L'Enfant Plaza.
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Maryland To Bring Back Paper Ballots For 2016 Elections

All that is old is new again, as Maryland brings back paper ballots into its voting booths ahead of the next big elections in 2016.

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Maryland Gets A Lesson In Marijuana Legalization From Colorado And Washington State

Supporters of legalizing marijuana in Maryland got a boost Friday from officials in the first two U.S. states where voters chose to legalize the drug.
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Maryland Pols To Get Pot Legalization Briefing From States That Have Legalized

It's a big morning for supporters of legalizing marijuana in Maryland as officials from the first two states to do so will brief lawmakers in Annapolis on how it has gone.
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Flag Swag: What Are The Best Uses Of Maryland's State Flag?

Inspired by Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan's amazing Inauguration Day tie, we're asking the question: What are some of the best uses of Maryland's distinct flag design?
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Maryland Budget Cuts Would Hit Black Residents Harder, Lawmakers Say

Members of The Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland want to sit down with Gov. Larry Hogan because they see looming budget cuts as disproportionately affecting black constituents.