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Opposition To Kindergarten Testing In Maryland Gains Bipartisan Momentum

The state Senate's Republican leader and teachers unions agree on at least one thing: Standardized tests for kindergarteners are a problem.

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Route 1 Center Targets Hidden Poverty In One Of Maryland's Richest Counties

Howard County in Maryland is one of the wealthiest counties in the nation, but some people are still struggling to make ends meet.

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Maryland Fracking Debate: Q&A With Attorney General Brian Frosh

Maryland's attorney general has recently voiced support for a bill imposing tough liability standards on fracking companies. He discussed that topic and more in an interview with WAMU 88.5

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University Of Maryland President Vows To Revive Road That Cuts Through Campus

University of Maryland President Wallace Loh wants to develop College Park and the Route 1 corridor into an "Innovation District," replete with more amenities than just fast food and bars.
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A Flea Market And Focal Point For Maryland's Hispanic Community

At the U.S. 1 Flea Market, each shop has a story to tell about the region's Hispanic community.
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Going After The Dealers: Maryland Bill Would Prosecute Sellers In Heroin Deaths

Under a measure offered in the General Assembly, prosecutors could charge dealers for selling heroin to someone who then dies from overdosing on it, and the penalty would be up to 30 years in prison.

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'Death With Dignity' Activists Optimistic About Chances In Maryland

Only three states have death with dignity laws, but lawmakers and activists say they think they can add Maryland to the list this year.

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Montgomery County Tightens Laws On E-Cigarettes

The measure not only bans use of the devices in public, but it's also intended to clamp down on use by minors, period.

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For 'Senator Barb' And Maryland Politicians, The Future Is Wide Open

Sen. Barbara Mikulski hasn't made any plans yet for what she'll be doing in 2017. Meanwhile, Maryland's Republicans see an opportunity, and Democrats see a chance to reassert their dominance in the state.

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Prince George's County Opening Special Schools For English Language Learners

Prince George's County is opening two new schools this year for the burgeoning population of immigrant students with limited English skills. But some critics question whether these schools are either legal or fair.