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Leaders Sign Landmark Agreement To Help Clean Chesapeake Bay

Governors from states neighboring the Chesapeake Bay recently signed what some environmentalists are calling a landmark agreement that recommits the effort to clean up the bay and broadens the approach to solving the problem.
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Why Maryland Gubernatorial Candidates Have Turnout On The Brain

Polls, campaigning, advertisements, mailers... the candidates for governor in the Maryland Democratic primary have done all of them. But the result is likely to come down to one thing: voter turnout.
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After Deaths, Ocean City Beach Patrol Warns Against Rip Currents

After two teenagers were sucked out to sea and drowned, Ocean City's beach patrol has been ramping up its efforts to educate swimmers about the danger of rip currents.
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Breaking Down the Primary Vote in Maryland

Early analysis of what primary elections mean for the future of the Old Line State.

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Door to Door: Columbia Forest, Va. and Brookeville, Md. (Rebroadcast)

It's our weekly trip around the region. Today, we visit Columbia Forest, Va. and Brookeville, Md.
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Craig, George Pledge To Repeal Gun Restrictions If Elected

David Craig and Ron George say they would focus on cutting taxes if elected to Maryland's top office, but they would also take aim at one of Gov. Martin O'Malley's signature achievements: New restrictions on gun ownership.
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Black Bear Captured, Tranquilized In Bethesda

Michael England, with the Rockville Police, says officers tried to direct the bear away from commercial and residential areas. It was later tranquilized and transported to a wooded area.
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Redskins Ruling 'Offends' Free Speech, Says Maryland GOP Candidate

Larry Hogan, the frontrunner in the Republican primary, says the ruling by the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board should "offend anyone concerned about constitutional limits on government power and free speech."
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Inside The Oyster Research Lab Known As The 'Room of Doom'

Is there a turning point at which Chesapeake Bay oysters fail to survive? That's the question Smithsonian researchers are trying to answer.

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After Years of Struggle with Schizophrenia, One Man Shares His Story

How do you find your way again after years of struggle with a serious mental illness?