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Nearly Half Of Maryland Residents Say They Would Move Elsewhere

Almost half of Maryland's residents say they would move if given the chance, the third-highest number of the 50 states.
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Salisbury Cracking Down On Crime By Increasing Police Force

Officials in Salisbury want to put 15 additional police officers on the streets as part of an effort to tamp down crime in the Eastern Shore town.

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Silver Spring Transit Center Concrete Could Be Dangerous, Report Finds

Chunks of concrete could break off and fall on commuters unless the Silver Spring Transit Center's beams and girders are strengthened, a new report reveals.
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Prince George's County Opens Multi-Service Center In Langley Park

Prince George's County opened a new "one-stop shop" for health, education, and public safety services in Langley Park.

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Accused Accomack Arsonist To Get Multiple Days In Court

A woman accused of more than 60 arson charges along Virginia's Eastern Shore not be charged in one bunch, as prosecutors had hoped.

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Passing Montgomery County School Buses Could Soon Cost Twice As Much

In an effort to ensure the safety of students, Montgomery County may soon double the fines for passing a school bus.

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Maryland Death Row Inmate Dies Of Natural Causes

A corrections spokesman says a 60-year-old death row inmate died Sunday after staff found him unresponsive in his cell at the North Branch Correctional Institution in Cumberland.
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Parental Pressure Prompts Spanish Immersion Program In Prince George's

Two mothers in Prince George's County thought the school system should offer spanish immersion classes, and they wouldn't rest until school officials agreed with them.

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'House Of Cards' Staying In Maryland For Third Season

After threatening to move production out of Maryland without more tax incentives, the team that produces the hit Netflix show "House of Cards" will stay for the third season.

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Is Ocean City Really Maryland's Most Dangerous City?

A recent survey of Maryland crime numbers by an online real estate firm found Ocean City was the state's most dangerous, but even a cursory look at the numbers reveals a misunderstanding of statistics.