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The Relationship Between Heroin Abuse And Sexual Assault

Why do physical abuse and drug addictions often seem to go hand-in-hand?
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Meet The Man Who Tackled D.C.'s First Heroin Epidemic

Dr. Robert DuPont worked to treat D.C. residents struggling with heroin addiction back in the 1970s.
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Catherine Hoggle Ruled Incompetent To Stand Trial

The Clarksburg, Maryland, woman who is believed to be responsible for the disappearance of her two children has been ruled incompetent to stand trial due to paranoid schizophrenia.

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Plows, Salt Are Ready In Maryland, But Officials Hope The Weather Cooperates

New "monster plows" carry more fuel and salt, but the state transportation authority would prefer to use less this year.

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For Insight on Hogan's Anti-Tax Moves, Look At His Transition Team

The inheritance tax, sales taxes and the "rain tax" were targeted in the legislature by one of the governor-elect's top aides.

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Maryland Gov.-Elect Hogan Doubles Down On Tax Relief

Republican Larry Hogan says he is sticking to his campaign promise to pursue tax relief despite a projected budget shortfall in the hundreds of millions.

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More Dismissals Possible In Drug Cases Connected To FBI Agent

Prosecutors said they're looking at cases involving more than 150 defendants that had connections to agent Matthew Lowry.

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National Children's Museum To Return To D.C. After Two Years At National Harbor

Two years ago, the National Children's Museum left H Street for the greener pastures of the National Harbor, but a 

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'House Of Cards' A Loser For Maryland Taxpayers?

House of Cards may be set in D.C., but it's filmed in neighboring Maryland, where a new report finds tax credits for the show's production are not a net winner for the state as a whole.

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Poultry Report Outlines Costs Of Maryland's New Phosphorus Regulations

In an effort to limit phosphorus runoff into the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland environmental groups have sought to limit the use of litter from poultry farms as fertilizer. A new report outlines just how much that would cost.