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Montgomery County Could Join Growing Ban On Styrofoam Containers

In a bid to reduce the amount of non-biodegradeable trash finding its way into area waterways, two Montgomery County lawmakers want to join the growing movement to ban styrofoam containers.

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Some Perspective As Ocean City's Summer Season Winds Down

In a summer punctuated by headlines about pole dancing street performers, Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan says that, all things considered, it went pretty well for the resort town.

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The Politics Hour - September 12, 2014

Kojo and Tom Sherwood chat with Lorie Masters, a Democratic candidate for attorney general of the District of Columbia.

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In Maryland's Poorest County, Free Meal Program Could Go A Long Way

Maryland's Somerset County is the first in the state to implement a federal nutrition program that will provide free breakfast and lunch to all of its public school students.
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Much Like D.C., Fight Over Regulating Uber Coming To Montgomery County

A Montgomery County Council member is warning colleagues not to regulate Uber and other ride sharing services "out of the county."
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Region's Leaders Back 2024 Summer Olympics Bid

The National Capital Region is officially launching its bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics, and leaders from most of the region's jurisdictions are on board.
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Chesapeake Bay Dead Zone

A stretch of the Chesapeake big enough to fill 2,000 Baltimore Ravens stadiums is once again a dead zone, lacking the necessary oxygen that fish, crabs, and shellfish need to survive. Kojo explores what's being done about it.

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Campaign Ads Are Coming: Maryland Gubernatorial Race To Ramp Up Shortly

Elections in Maryland are only two months away, which means residents can expect to start seeing more campaign ads as the gubernatorial race heats up.

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Boil Water Advisory Affects 100,000 In Prince George's County

A break in a 24-inch pipe late Tuesday has compromised water to more than 100,000 WSSC customers in Prince George's County, who should boil their water for the next day or two.

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Beach Officials Lift Swimming Restrictions, Urge Caution

The threat of rip currents has Ocean City officials urging caution over Labor Day weekend, even as they eased restrictions.