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Cardin Cheers White House Push For LGBT Protections

A new executive order makes it illegal for federal contractors to discriminate against the LGBT community, something Maryland Senator Ben Cardin was quick to praise.

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Mizeur Chases History In Democratic Bid For Maryland Governor

Policies like avoiding corporate money and endorsing the legalization of marijuana set Heather Mizeur apart from her gubernatorial competitors, but it's also hard to forget that she would be both Maryland's first female governor and it's first openly gay one.

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High Water Bill In Montgomery County? Report Offers Possible Causes

A new report is shedding light on why some Montgomery County residents may be getting particularly high water bills.
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Brown On Final Stretch Of Campaign: 'Avoid Complacency'

Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown remains the frontrunner in his bid for the Democratic nomination for Maryland governor, but he's still answering questions about his handling of the rollout of Maryland's health exchange website.

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Candidates Make Last Pitches On Maryland's Eastern Shore

Voters on Maryland's Eastern Shore tend to lean more conservative than the rest of the state, but Democrats and Republicans alike have been making their pitches ahead of the June 24 primary.

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Gansler Remains Confident As Maryland Primaries Near

Maryland attorney general and gubernatorial candidate Doug Gansler says he has a history of taking on and beating the state's Democratic establishment, something he hopes he can replicate next week in the state's Democratic primary.

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Marijuana Decriminalized In Maryland, But What About Paraphernalia?

It's now legal to possess small amounts of marijuana in Maryland, but as Montgomery County lawmakers note, it's still illegal to posses the paraphernalia used to smoke it.

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In Maryland Races, Latest Poll Results May Not Tell The Whole Story

In Maryland, polls this week show the Democratic primary for governor opening up, while the one for attorney general tightening. But there's a question of whether those poll numbers will hold up.
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The Politics Hour - June 20, 2014

Anthony Brown, a Democratic candidate for governor in Maryland and the state's current lieutenant governor, joins Kojo and Tom Sherwood in the studio.

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In Montgomery County's District 1, Affordable Housing Of Primary Concern

Affordable housing for residents is one of the most persistent issues in Montgomery County, and two primary candidates in the county's first District say they can do the better job.