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Montgomery County Not Affected By Measles Outbreak — For Now

Having the 17th largest public school system in the country, Maryland's Montgomery County leads to a higher possibility of a case of measles just through sheer numbers. But that hasn't occurred yet.
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Two Bills Out Of Montgomery County Could Test Hogan's Stance On New Taxes

Bills to raise taxes on cigarettes and to include hotel taxes for online travel booking sites have been introduced by a Montgomery County lawmaker, despite Gov. Larry Hogan's insistence that there be no new taxes passed in the state.

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A New Year For Maryland Bill On Paternity Rights Of Rapists?

The makeup of the state House could change the fortunes of a proposal to allow women who decide to continue with a pregnancy that results from rape to petition to block paternity rights of the rapist.

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Gun Control Votes Can Still Happen In GOP-Led Congress, Rep. Hoyer Says

The Maryland Democrat says gun control advocates should keep up the pressure for action on legislation.

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Bill Would Automate Toll Collection On Bay Bridge, Ideally Slashing Wait Times

A Republican lawmaker from Maryland thinks he has the solution to heavy traffic crossing the Bay Bridge.
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Hogan Wants Fracking To Proceed In Western Maryland

As opponents of fracking push for an eight-year moratorium on the practice, Gov. Larry Hogan has signaled that he agrees with a set of rules proposed by his predecessor to let it happen.
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Obama's Budget Includes Repatriation, A Signature Issue For One Md. Congressman

If you know Democratic Rep. John Delaney, you know there's an issue he likes to talk about a lot: repatriation. Delaney is smiling this week because, as he says, the White House "basically copied the whole thing and put it in the budget."
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Maryland Lawmakers Form State's First Latino Legislative Caucus

Six lawmakers in Annapolis have banded together to organize the first caucus to represent Maryland's burgeoning Latino population.

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Proposed Cut To Gas Tax Is About 'Transparency,' Hogan Says

Indexing the state's gasoline tax to inflation results in increases that lawmakers don't actually vote on, Hogan argues.

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Maryland Democrats Find Hogan's Speech Much Too Taxing

The new governor's State of the State address left the House speaker and Senate president with plenty to grumble about.