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Less-Stringent Fracking Bill Could Pass In Maryland Senate

One controversial proposal in the Maryland General Assembly is moving forward much to the delight of ralliers today, while another is done for this year.
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Fishing Versus Farming: Aquaculture And The Future Of Chesapeake Bay Oysters

Maryland's oyster trade is evolving as more watermen give up "hand tonging" and move into aquaculture.

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Maryland Couple Shows Rushing Into Marriage Not Always A Bad Idea

In March, Margaret Berry pledged her eternal devotion to Frank May, in an intimate wedding ceremony in Easton, Maryland. What set these nuptials apart? Margaret is 90, and Frank is 93.

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Things Get Personal Over Letter Asking Hogan To Impose Travel Ban To Indiana

Maryland Democrat Richard Madaleno penned a letter to Gov. Larry Hogan asking him to impose a ban on state-funded travel to Indiana in response to the state's "Religious Freedom Restoration Act," but ruffled feathers with a reference to the First Lady.

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Industrial Hemp Legalization Bill Gains Support In Maryland Legislature

The state House has approved a measure that essentially would legalize industrial hemp production whenever the federal government does.

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Hogan Getting His Way On Tax Cuts, Though Still Needs House To Go Along

Tax cut measures promoted by Maryland's Republican governor have made their way through the Senate, but now they need to get past Democrats in the House of Delegates.
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Hogan's Promise To Cut Maryland Taxes Curbed By Lawmakers

In his campaign last year, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan pledged to cut taxes in the state, but so far only two minor measures have made it out of committee.

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Q&A: Maryland State Sen. John Astle On 'Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day'

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan signed a bill into law Monday evening declaring every March 30 "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day." WAMU spoke with Astle at his office in Annapolis.
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Maryland Lawmaker Criticizes Baker's Proposal To Raise Taxes For Schools In Prince George's County

Prince George's County Executive Rushern Baker wants a roughly 15 percent hike for next year, but a fellow Democrat in Prince George's County is trying to stop him.
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One Person Dead Outside NSA Gates At Fort Meade, Maryland

Two people are being treated for injuries outside the gates at Fort Meade in Anne Arundel County Monday norning, though details are forthcoming.