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Md. Gov.-Elect Hogan Could Clash With Legislature Over Obscure Component Of School Funding

The geographic cost of education index, GCEI, is part of the overall funding formula for Maryland public schools. Democrats in the General Assembly expect Gov.-Elect Larry Hogan to target it for a variety of reasons.
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Ocean City Congregation Renews Efforts To Help Needy After Tragedy

The congregation at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church By the Sea lost both their pastor and their church in a tragic fire last year, but they are continuing their mission to help the needy.

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Gov.-Elect Hogan Meets MoCo Delegation; Still Mum On Purple Line

Maryland Governor-Elect Larry Hogan met the solidly democratic Montgomery County delegation for the first time this week. But he's still saving his ideas about the Purple Line for after he takes office in January.
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Hogan Promises No New Taxes, Setting Up Spending Cuts To Address Maryland Deficit

Maryland Governor-elect Larry Hogan admits he's putting himself in a tight box when it comes to fixing the state's rising budget deficit. Still, the Republican remains resolute that taxes are not going up — which means state spending will be cut drastically.
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Body Cameras Coming For Montgomery County Police

With the controversy surrounding the role of police in the deaths of African-American men across the country, Montgomery County officials say body cameras are on the way.

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After Deadly Plane Crash, MoCo Authorities Pledge To Review Air Park Policies

Montgomery County authorities say they will conduct a thorough review of policies regarding the county's air park, following Monday's jet crash into a home that killed six people.
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A Battle Expected Over School Spending In Montgomery County

A budget battle is brewing between the Montgomery County school system and the county council.
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How To Help Family Of Victims In Gaithersburg Plane Crash

A small plane crash Monday morning killed a mother and two children in their Gaithersburg, Maryland home, prompting an outpouring of financial support for the family.

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Six Dead After Gaithersburg Plane Crash

A small plane came down in a residential neighborhood close to the Montgomery County Airpark this morning, killing three people onboard and three inside a home.
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Ocean City Prepares For Redevelopment of Seascape Hotel

The Seascape Hotel has been an Ocean City destination for more than half a century, but the days of the family-run hotel near the beach are numbered.