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Maryland Laws On Fertility Coverage For Lesbians, Transgender Birth Certificates Take Effect

Lesbian couples wishing to conceive a child can no longer be denied coverage by health insurers. And a barrier to changing one's gender on a Maryland birth certificate has been lifted.

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Scientology-Related Drug Center Blocked By Frederick County Council

The Trout Run resort will not become a Narconon facility. The lone dissenter on the council said the involvement of Scientology "clouded" his colleagues' judgment on the matter.

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Why Two Maryland Counties Are Trading Investigations Into Police-Related Deaths

There's a perception that investigations into police-related deaths are hampered by the relationships between county cops and top prosecutors — prompting two Maryland counties to agree to investigate cases for each other.

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Former Maryland Gov. O'Malley Stirs Hype For Expected Presidential Run

If there was any suspense left, the former Baltimore mayor and Maryland governor sapped it Friday with the release of a hint-dropping video.
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Poll: Maryland Voters Concerned About Time Spent On Standardized Tests

When it comes to education issues, Maryland voters are worried about too much standardized testing of kids more than anything else, according to a poll commissioned and released by the state's teachers union. The survey shows rare bipartisan agreement on education in Maryland.
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University Of Maryland President Vows To Revive Road That Cuts Through Campus

University of Maryland President Wallace Loh wants to develop College Park and the Route 1 corridor into an "Innovation District," replete with more amenities than just fast food and bars.

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Route 1 Center Targets Hidden Poverty In One Of Maryland's Richest Counties

Howard County, Maryland, is one of the wealthiest counties in the nation... but some people are still struggling to make ends meet.
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A Flea Market and Focal Point for a Hispanic Community

The Washington Boulevard Marketplace — a.k.a. the U.S. 1 Flea Market — attracts Hispanic families of all incomes and backgrounds.
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Tax Increase Plan For Schools Is Shelved By Prince George's County Leader

County Executive Rushern Baker says he was too aggressive in his plan for a property tax increase of more than 15 percent to add $133 million to the education budget.

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In Prince George's County, No Consensus On Tax Increase For Schools

Some older, more conservative voters are lining up against the proposal, while younger families, particularly minorities, say the extra money is crucial.