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D.C. Asks Judge To Stay Ruling That Tossed Out Key Part Of Concealed Carry Law

D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine on Tuesday asked a federal judge to stay a recent ruling that invalidated a key provision of the city's new concealed carry law, saying that not doing so could increase the number of concealed guns carried in D.C. and threaten public safety.
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D.C. Police Need To Identify Themselves Better, Says Complaint Board

D.C.'s Office of Police Complaints has received nearly 400 allegations of officers failing to identify themselves since 2006 — something the city's complaint board says should be changed.

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Sledding Ban On Capitol Hill Remains Intact, But Won't Be Enforced

Some children got a lesson in civil disobedience earlier this year, peacefully protesting by sledding on the Capitol Hill grounds despite a ban. It's looking like they may be only sort-of breaking the rules if they go sledding next snowfall.
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Inside the 'Assault On Justice' Project With Patrick Madden And Christina Davidson

The reporters discuss their work investigating D.C.'s use of the charge of "assaulting a police officer," as well as efforts that are taking shape to change the law to avoid potential abuses.

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Gun Owners Seeking D.C. Concealed Carry Permits Left In Limbo After Ruling

A judge's decision this week tossed out a key a provision of D.C.'s concealed carry law, but city officials haven't yet said what their next step will be.
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Refunds On The Way For Some Maryland Residents After Supreme Court Ruling

Refunds are on the way for Maryland residents who earn income in other states after the Supreme Court ruled the state's income tax collection practices were unconstitutionial.

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Federal Judge Strikes Down Heart Of D.C.'s New Concealed Carry Law

A federal judge on Monday struck down a provision of the District's new law governing who can carry a concealed handgun in the city, ruling that requiring applicants to prove they need a gun to defend themselves is a violation of the Second Amendment.
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Should Fairfax County Have A Citizen Oversight Board To Investigate Police?

At the Fairfax County Government Center Monday night, there's a public hearing where some hope to push for a citizen oversight board in light of the death of several unarmed citizens in recent years at the hands of police.

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Assault On Justice

In this special documentary co-produced by Reveal, WAMU 88.5 investigative reporter Patrick Madden examines how the charge of assaulting a police officer, which is meant to shield police from danger, also can be used as a tactic against citizens in D.C.

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License Plate Readers Move From Virginia Statehouse To Fairfax Courthouse

A law passed in Virginia this year would allow police to scan your license plate as you drive by, storing the information for two years or more. The ACLU is challenging that law in court.