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D.C. To Begin Issuing Licenses For Undocumented Residents Next Month

Starting May 1, the District Department of Motor Vehicles will begin issuing "limited purpose" driver's licenses for those who cannot prove their legal status.

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Ambiguities Abound With Maryland Marijuana Law

Small amounts of marijuana will be decriminalized in Maryland later this year, but possession of rolling papers, pipes and the like are still illegal, and prosecutors are trying to confront other uncertainties with the law.

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Capitol Square Should Be Permit-Free For Protesters, Says ACLU

Protesters in Virginia's capital are restricted to just one corner of storied Capital Square — something lawyers with the ACLU would like to see changed.

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Wonder Where Your Tax Dollars Are Going? This Bill Might Help You Find Out

A bill to increase transparency on how your tax dollars are spent passed the U.S. Senate this week.
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Alcohol A Big Issue In Maryland Legislature This Year

Maryland legislators spent a lot of time dealing with alcohol sales and regulation this year.
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On Wage Gap, Sen. Mikulski Doesn't Mince Words

The U.S. senator from Maryland says Congress must do more on the wage gap between men and women.
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O'Malley Says He Will Look To Overhaul Bail System In Maryland

A recent court ruling requires that Maryland offer legal counsel for people at bail hearings, a potentially costly proposition that Maryland lawmakers failed to address during the recent legislative session.

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Will 'House Of Cards' Leave Maryland? At Least One Lawmaker Isn't Worried

Maryland Senate President Mike Miller says he isn't losing sleep over whether the Netflix series could leave Maryland.
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ACLU Applauds Virginia Bill Restricting Warrantless Cell Phone Tracking

Live tracking a cell phone using GPS in Virginia now requires a warrant, after a partnership between the ACLU and a Republican delegate helped push through legislation.

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Judge Denies Brief On McDonnell Charges From Va. Attorneys General

Five former Virginia attorneys general asked a judge to consider an argument that the corruption charges against former Gov. Bob McDonnell should be dropped.