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Charles Severance Faces Extradition Hearing Wednesday

The former Alexandria mayoral candidate wanted for questioning in connection with three potentially related murders, faces an extradition hearing in West Virginia Wednesday.

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Rethinking Montgomery County’s Snow Removal Process

After a winter flush with snow, Montgomery County Council member Hans Reimer wants to give the county's policy on sidewalk snow removal some second thought.

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Montgomery County Council Passes Nine Environmental Bills

The measures range from increasing the amount of parking spaces that have chargers for electric cars to zoning changes that allow residents and businesses to install larger solar panels.
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True Tales of American Villains, Scoundrels, and Rogues

Americans have always been fascinated by criminals, immortalizing notorious bad guys on screen and on the page. But many of our most diabolical and misguided citizens have been overlooked by history books. Paul Martin highlights a colorful...

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A Lime Shortage and Our Food Market

Ninety-eight percent of the limes consumed in the U.S. come from Mexico, where a confluence of factors have led to a shortage of the fruit. We explore what's behind the spike in lime prices.

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With Immigration Reform Stalled, Families Wait For Change

As Democrats and Republicans in Congress argue over how to address immigration reform, thousands of local families wait for answers.
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Judge Says Ex-Governor McDonnell Can't Withhold Documents From Prosecutors

McDonnell asked to keep the information from prosecutors, saying it would expose his trial strategy, but a judge says prosecutors can't be excluded.
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Virginia Republicans Pull Mark Warner Into Health Insurance Debate

Virginia lawmakers remain deadlocked on an expansion of health insurance to low-income residents in the commonwealth, and Republicans are now appealing to Democratic Sen. Mark Warner.

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D.C. Attorney General Says He Supports Anti-Pay-To-Play Legislation

Attorney General Irv Nathan told the D.C. council that two proposed measures are meaningful because they reduce the appearance of conflicts of interest in city contracts.
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The Future of D.C.'s Marijuana Debate

Both Maryland and the District moved recently to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana, but activists in D.C. are pivoting to a new effort to legalize marijuana entirely.