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'Death With Dignity' Activists Optimistic About Chances In Maryland

Only three states have death with dignity laws, but lawmakers and activists say they think they can add Maryland to the list this year.

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Health Care Law Returns To Court: Q&A With Writer Stephanie Mencimer Of Mother Jones

The four plaintiffs challenging the Affordable Care Act at the Supreme Court all hail from Virginia. Writer Stephanie Mencimer talked with our Matt McCleskey about what's at stake.

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Montgomery County Tightens Laws On E-Cigarettes

The measure not only bans use of the devices in public, but it's also intended to clamp down on use by minors, period.

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Only Days After Legalizing Marijuana, D.C. Bans Cannabis Clubs

Marijuana may now be legal in D.C., but city leaders want residents to know that the only place to smoke is in their homes.
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Judge Orders D.C. To Pay $9.2 Million For Wrongful Conviction

The D.C. government has been ordered to pay more than $9 million to Kirk Odom, a District man wrongly imprisoned for more than two decades.

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Virginia Lawmakers Brace For Possibility Affordable Care Act Could Be Jettisoned

The Supreme Court is preparing to hear a challenge to the Affordable Care Act, potentially threatening the federal subsidies that pay for health care for millions of Americans.

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Md. State Senator Wants To Lower Drinking Age For Active-Duty Military

A state senator from Maryland wants to drop the legal drinking age to 18 for active-duty military members, saying it's a small token of appreciation for soldiers.
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Anti-Marijuana Congressman Andy Harris: 'D.C. Made A Bad Decision'

A vocal opponent of marijuana legalization in D.C., Maryland Congressman Andy Harris says if one of his fellow Republicans captures the White House in 2016, he hopes they revisit Bowser's actions and prosecute her.
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Activists Demand A Police Culture Shift On LGBT Issues

LGBT activists and the Metropolitan Police Department are re-examining how the MPD's Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit interacts with the community it's supposed to serve.

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Q&A: Roll Call's Bridget Bowman On Congressional Use Of D.C.'s Health Insurance Exchange

More than 13,000 employees of the U.S. Congress are using the District of Columbia's health insurance exchange for small businesses. A Roll Call reporter talks about why that's so, and what legal troubles the setup is facing.