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Judge To Rule Tuesday On Key Requests In McDonnell Corruption Trial

The former Virginia governor and his wife, Maureen McDonnell, are seeking to dismiss most of their corruption charges and appear in court separately. A judge is set to rule on those key motions Tuesday.
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Can the Death Penalty be Reformed?

Former Virginia Attorney General Mark Early joins Kojo to discuss the prospects for reforming capital punishment across the United States.

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Maryland Senate Candidate Celebrates New Transgender-Rights Law

Maryland Senate candidate Dana Beyer says she's been working on getting this bill passed in Maryland for a decade.
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Europe vs. Google: "The Right to be Forgotten"

The European Court of Justice ruled this week that Google must remove certain links in search results if people ask to have them taken down. The case involves the so-called right to be forgotten and a Spanish man upset that searches of his...

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D.C. Mayor Pitted Against Council Over Budget Autonomy Referendum

Oral arguments began Wednesday between D.C. Attorney General Irv Nathan and the D.C. Council over the budget autonomy referendum.

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Appeals Court Hears Arguments On Virginia Gay Marriage Ban

Virginia's ban on same-sex marriage went before a three-judge federal appeals court on Tuesday

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D.C. Marijuana Legalization Advocates Add Former Doctor As Organizer

Organizers are attempting to get a marijuana legalization initiative on D.C.'s November ballot, and they'd added some medical muscle in their attempts to organize.

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Preserving D.C.'s Archives

Long-stalled plans to centralize and modernize DC Archives are now underway, and a newly formed group calling itself Friends of DC Archives are joining in.

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Glenn Greenwald: State Surveillance And The Snowden Story

Kojo sits down with investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald to talk about his role in breaking news from documents stolen by whistleblower Edward Snowden. Kojo asks what's next in this groundbreaking story, and learns about the impact Greenwald's reporting has had on journalism and our security.

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Public Prayer and Local Government

A divided Supreme Court ruled this month that town boards can begin their meetings with sectarian prayers. The 5-4 decision involving a New York town had an immediate impact in Maryland, where a federal judge lifted an injunction against...