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Dancing, Prayer In Baltimore After Charges Announced In Freddie Gray's Death

Six police officers have been charged in the death of Baltimore resident Freddie Gray — and the reaction on the streets has been visceral.

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Will Maryland Follow In D.C.'s Footsteps In Approving Recreational Pot Use?

For several legislative sessions in a row, Maryland lawmakers have approved marijuana-related bills. We'll explore what that trend means for the future.

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An Uncomfortable Link Between Race And Marijuana Arrests In D.C.

African Americans are more likely to be arrested for pot possession — and less likely to play a role in the business of marijuana cultivation in the nation's capital. What does that say about D.C.?

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A Tale Of Two Cities: Federal Workers Left Out On Legal Pot

For many federal workers, marijuana use is still verboten, even though D.C.'s local laws allow for it. Might that be changing?

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How Marijuana Defense Lawyers Helped Make Themselves Obsolete

Since D.C.'s decriminalization of marijuana use, attorneys say there aren't many pot defendants who need their services, and that's the way they like it.

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Does Virginia's House Of Delegates Have A Transparency Problem?

In Virginia, members of the House of Delegates consider thousands of bills during each session. But the vast majority of them are dismissed without any debate or even a recorded vote.
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How Long Is Too Long To Question Police About Possible Misconduct?

Protesters in Baltimore continue to demand answers about how Freddie Gray reportedly suffered a fatal spinal injury while he was in police custody. The case is raising new questions about Maryland's Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights and the balance between due process for police officers and the public's right to know what happened.
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How Some Maryland Bars Have Been Breaking An Election Day Law For Decades

Electoral politics can be enough to drive anybody to drink — but until this legislative session, one Maryland city had laws on the books that specifically prohibited hitting the suds on election night.

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For Legislation On Rape And Sexual Assault, Mixed Results In Maryland

Two bills regarding the kits used to collect evidence from victims of sexual assault and rape were successful, but other measures related to sex crimes did not make it through the General Assembly.

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Maryland Isn't Doing Enough To Address Police Accountability, Say Some Lawmakers

The death of Freddie Gray after he suffered a fatal injury while in the custody of Baltimore police has led to the suspension of six officers, but the Maryland General Assembly ignored the majority of so-called "police accountability" bills during its yearly session.