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The D.C. Council Adds To Gun Laws

The D.C. Council has approved legislation requiring gun owners to register their weapons every three years and receive training by a certified firearms instructor.

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D.C. Council Rolls Back Last Call Hours For Inauguration

Restaurants, bars and nightclubs in the District will still be able to serve alcohol later than usual for several days around the presidential inauguration next month, but not quite as late as they first thought.

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Man in Loudoun County Acquitted of Involuntary Manslaughter

A man from Loudoun County, Virginia who left his newly adopted toddler locked in his SUV for nine hours on a 90-degree day has been acquitted of involuntary manslaughter.

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Part Two: Truancy in D.C.

Even though school attendance is required by the law in D.C., approximately 20 percent of public and charter school children in the District have racked up more than 15 days of unexcused absences.

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Part One: Truancy In D.C.

Skippers, truants and chronic absentees are just a few of the names given to students who cut classes.

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D.C. Agrees To Make Homeless Shelters More Accessible

The Justice Department has reached a settlement with the D.C. government that requires the city to make homeless shelters more accessible to people with disabilities.

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Investigation Faults Agencies In Embezzlement Case

Over a 20 year period, Harriet Walters embezzled $48 million by creating fake tax refunds.