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Should Fairfax County Have A Citizen Oversight Board To Investigate Police?

At the Fairfax County Government Center Monday night, there's a public hearing where some hope to push for a citizen oversight board in light of the death of several unarmed citizens in recent years at the hands of police.

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Assault On Justice

In this special documentary co-produced by Reveal, WAMU 88.5 investigative reporter Patrick Madden examines how the charge of assaulting a police officer, which is meant to shield police from danger, also can be used as a tactic against citizens in D.C.

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License Plate Readers Move From Virginia Statehouse To Fairfax Courthouse

A law passed in Virginia this year would allow police to scan your license plate as you drive by, storing the information for two years or more. The ACLU is challenging that law in court.

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A D.C. Law That 'Goes Too Far'

WAMU 88.5 investigative reporter Patrick Madden teamed with the Center For Investigative Reporting's Reveal program and American University's Investigative Reporting Workshop to analyze D.C.'s prosecution of the charge of "assaulting a police officer."

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Maryland Bill Inadvertently Blocks Insurance Benefits For Some Couples Who Need In Vitro Fertilization, AG Says

Maryland's attorney general says an "equality" measure passed by the General Assembly actually creates a very specific "inequality."
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D.C. Files Suit Against Virginia Couple Over Shoddy House Renovations

D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine says a Virginia couple broke D.C. laws in renovating and selling over a dozen homes without proper permits or inspections.

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D.C. Police Body Camera Policy Needs More Transparency, Council Member Says

Kenyan McDuffie is hosting a roundtable Thursday at the Wilson Building on the issue, and he says city leaders should be more mindful of several issues as they push forward with equipping all officers with the cameras.

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What's An Official Act? Former Virginia Attorneys General Weigh In On McDonnell Case

As the former Virginia governor awaits his appeal on corruption charges, former attorneys general for the commonwealth have filed an amicus brief saying that the jury instructions' definition of "official acts" went far beyond court precedents.

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Flipped Off, Part 2: For The Developer From Great Falls, A Great Fall

The latest installment of a three-part series: How a prolific house flipper attracted not only the scrutiny of D.C. inspectors, but also the attention of the city's attorney general.

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The Freddie Gray Case, From The Vantage Of A Former State's Attorney

Glenn Ivey, a former state's attorney for Prince George's County, Maryland, discusses the charges filed against Baltimore police officers in the death of Freddie Gray, and what shape their trials might take.