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Virginia Bill Would Discourage Pet Stores From Doing Business With Puppy Mills

The Virginia House of Delegates is set to vote on a Senate-approved bill aimed at making sure dogs being adopted in the state don't come from puppy mills.
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Maryland Activists Push For Law To Protect Transgender Residents

Transgender people in Maryland can be fired from their jobs and denied housing because of their gender identification and/or expression, but that may soon be set to change.

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Maryland Bill Closing Sexual Abuse Loophole Hits Snag

Maryland lawmakers are pushing a bill that would make it illegal for part-time teachers and coaches to have sex with underage students, but there's a loophole in the mix.

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U.S. Diplomatic Ties To Ethiopia

In the Horn of Africa, solid U.S.-Ethiopia relations have been one constant in a region often beset by turmoil. We talk with current and former U.S. ambassadors to Ethiopia about the deep ties to the U.S., and where the two countries sometimes agree to disagree.

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Same-Sex Marriage In Virginia

Last week a federal judge in Norfolk, Va., struck down the commonwealth's ban on same-sex marriage. We consider the implications of the ruling and find out where the case goes from here.

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Federal Judge Declares Virginia's Same-Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

U.S. District Judge Arenda L. Wright Allen's decision Thursday makes Virginia the second state in the South to have a ban on gay marriages overturned. 

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Environmental Groups Sue WSSC Over Plant

Environmental groups are claiming that a WSSC water filtration plant in Potomac is polluting area waterways.

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More School Bus Cameras May Be On The Way In Montgomery County

Montgomery County installed cameras on some school buses to catch those who fail to stop, and now lawmakers are saying more are likely on the way.

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Should Maryland Bars Be Held Accountable For Over-Serving?

The family of a 10-year-old girl who was killed in 2008 by a drunk driver is calling on Maryland lawmakers to amend the law so bars and restaurants can be held liable for overserving people who get behind the wheel impaired.

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Analysis: Family Of Miriam Carey Pursues Justice With U.S. Capitol Police

The family of Miriam Carey, the women was shot and killed late last year after a high-speed chase near the Capitol building, is suing police. Roll Call's David Hawkings weighs in on the prospects for that case.