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Cuccinelli Blasts Herring For Not Defending Virginia Gay Marriage Ban

Former Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli says it is the job of an attorney general to defend the laws of his state, including those he doesn't agree with, in comments directed at current attorney general Mark Herring.

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Senate Passes Day Care Bill With A Push From Sen. Mikulski

This week the Senate passed a day care bill long in the making, thanks in large part to Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski.
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Naval Academy Midshipman Accused Of Rape Chooses Judge Over Jury

Government prosecutors allege Joshua Tate had sexual contact with a female classmate who was so drunk she was unable to consent.
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New Insights Into The Underground Sex Economy

A new landmark study by the Urban Institute explores the economics of the sex industry in Washington, D.C., and seven other major cities.

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Maryland Senate Votes To Close Sexual Abuse Loophole

Legislation that passed the Maryland Senate would extend a prohibition on sexual conduct between students and teachers to part-time teachers and school employees.

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To Bring Marijuana To Maryland, Decriminalization Has Strongest Prospects

Advocates of medical marijuana programs have been stymied in this year's legislation session in Annapolis, but decriminalization of the plant still has a chance of passing.

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Marijuana Lobby Ramps Up Efforts On Capitol Hill

The marijuana cause doesn't have that much money yet, but it's making itself known on the Hill.
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Maryland Senate Gives Preliminary Approval To Marijuana Decriminalization Bill

The bill decriminalizes up to 10 grams of marijuana.
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Fair Pay and the Workplace

Although the Equal Pay Act has been on the books since 1963, court decisions over the years have weakened the law, and a culture of secrecy around salaries is still the norm in most workplaces. We explore the complex issues around pay equity.

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Kojo In Your Community: Public Safety In NoMa And Across The District

D.C. Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier joins "Kojo In Your Community" to discuss how rapid changes in the NoMa neighborhood and across the city have affected public safety.