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Election For D.C. Attorney General Must Go On, Court Rules

The D.C. Council's decision to delay the election of an independent attorney general is backfiring.
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Bob Marshall Calls Impeachment Of Virginia Attorney General His Duty

Republican Del. Bob Marshall joined up with a handful of ministers at a new conference on Tuesday to denounce Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring's position on same-sex marriage.

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D.C. Council Won't Nix Proposed Tax on Yoga And Gyms, Mendelson Says

The D.C. Council chairman says the Council would have to find another source of revenue if it scraps the tax.
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What You Need To Know For Virginia's New Voter ID Law

Virginia's new voter ID law takes effect on July 1, so make sure to square things away at the local registrar's office before the next round of elections.

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Senate Judiciary Committee To Consider Amendment On Campaign Finance

Sixteen states have endorsed a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United ruling, something the Senate Judiciary Committee will take up this week.

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Effort To Repeal Maryland Transgender Bill Falls Short

The Fairness For All Marylanders Act will not face a challenge on this year's ballot, as organizers failed to get enough signatures.

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Planned Takeover Of Virginia Schools In Holding Pattern

Six failing schools in Virginia, including one in Alexandria, are set to be taken over by the state later this year, but initial assessments of these schools have been met with roadblocks.

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House Votes To Protect Medical Marijuana Programs From DEA

Medical marijuana programs like the one in D.C. got a huge boost last week when the House voted Friday to bar the DEA from targeting the programs.

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Supreme Court To Hear Maryland Tax Dispute

This week the high court agreed to hear an appeal from officials in Maryland who want to overturn a lower court ruling which labeled the state's tax law unconstitutional.
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Peter Franchot: Montgomery County Should Stay Out Of Alcohol Business

State Comptroller Peter Franchot says Montgomery County's liquor policy is "outdated, inconvenient, and inefficient."