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Lawmakers Say Wage Bump, Prison Reform Needed To Help Area Fathers

Many fathers in the D.C. area are spending time in prison instead of with their families thanks to mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent offenses — something lawmakers would like to see changed.

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The Debate Over Tenure for Teachers

A judge last week struck down teacher tenure laws in California in a case likely to reverberate around the country. Kojo explores the notion that tenure protects educators at the expense of students.

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Virginia Lawmakers Pass Budget, Restriction On Medicaid Expansion

After months of delays, the Virginia Senate adopted a state budget on Thursday night, including an amendment that prevents Gov. Terry McAuliffe from expanding Medicaid without legislative approval.

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Judge Denies Gag Order In Severance Case

A Loudoun County judge is rejecting a request for a gag order from a man wanted for questioning in the shooting deaths of three Alexandria residents.
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Desperation Drives Immigrant Children To Attempt Border Crossings Alone

Many children of Central American immigrants are attempting border crossings on their own, often leading to detention near the United State's southern borders — far from families in the D.C. area.

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It's Your Turn

It's your turn to weigh in on the week's headlines, including the wild week in Virginia politics.

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House Committee Votes To Effectively Ban Horse Meat

After a five-year hiatus, in 2011 processing horse meat was once again allowed in the United States. But the ban may be coming back.
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Ban the Box in D.C.

Last week, the DC Council moved legislation forward that would help former prisoners get past the first hurdle in job hunting. We explore the issues around "Ban the Box" legislation.

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Election For D.C. Attorney General Must Go On, Court Rules

The D.C. Council's decision to delay the election of an independent attorney general is backfiring.
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Bob Marshall Calls Impeachment Of Virginia Attorney General His Duty

Republican Del. Bob Marshall joined up with a handful of ministers at a new conference on Tuesday to denounce Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring's position on same-sex marriage.