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Jake's Law Languishes In Maryland General Assembly

Maryland's legislative bodies are sitting on a key bill that would stiffen penalties for distracted driving.
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D.C. Regulators Target UberX, Lyft And Sidecar On Insurance, Hours

Insurance regulations are on the way for drivers on smartphone-based car services like UberX, Lyft and Sidecar, which could also restrict the number of hours they can be on the road.

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On Health Care Deadline, Signups Pour In

March 31 marks the end of open enrollment under the Affordable Care Act, marking the end of an especially stressful period for "health navigators" on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

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Maryland May Abandon $125M Health Exchange Website

After a botched rollout of the state's health exchange website, Maryland officials may scrap the site this week for another used successfully in Connecticut.

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Smoking May Soon Be Stubbed Out In Ocean City

First they banned swearing, now inside sources are saying that Ocean City is giving serious weight to a long-considered ban on smoking in the resort town.

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Legal Counsel At Bail Hearings Prompts Disagreement Among Maryland Lawmakers

A court ruling dictates that all defendants are entitled to legal representation at bail hearings, which has created a headache for Maryland lawmakers struggling to deal with the potential costs in excess of $100 million.

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Maryland Senate Pulls Together A Tweaked Medical Marijuana Bill

The Senate version expands the number of would-be licensed growers of medical marijuana, but regulates them more closely than a House bill.
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Supreme Court Won't Hear Appeal On Detention Of Frederick Immigrant

The nation's highest court refused to hear an appeal that found that Roxanna Santos, an undocumented immigrant, was illegally detained by Frederick County police in 2008.

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Old Dominion Boat Club Strikes Deal With City Of Alexandria

The boat club will get $5 million and a new spot on Prince Street, and the city will get a public plaza on King Street.
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NFLer Brian Banks To Speak At UVA About Innocence Project

Former NFL linebacker Brian Backs saw his career derailed by a wrongful conviction, and is now backing an organization that helps the innocent at an event at the University of Virginia.