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ACLU Applauds Virginia Bill Restricting Warrantless Cell Phone Tracking

Live tracking a cell phone using GPS in Virginia now requires a warrant, after a partnership between the ACLU and a Republican delegate helped push through legislation.

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Judge Denies Brief On McDonnell Charges From Va. Attorneys General

Five former Virginia attorneys general asked a judge to consider an argument that the corruption charges against former Gov. Bob McDonnell should be dropped.

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Maryland Gov. O'Malley Says He'll Sign Marijuana Decriminalization Bill

Maryland's senate has approved a marijuana decriminalization bill, which Gov. O'Malley now says he will sign.
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Key Mental-Health Legislation Signed Into Virginia Law

Introduced by state Senator Creigh Deeds, the new law fills a critical gap in the mental-health system.
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Get Ready For More Expensive Campaigns, Says Sen. Tim Kaine

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine says the new Supreme Court ruling striking down aggregate limits on campaign donations is bad for democracy.

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George Huguely Denied Rehearing On Murder Appeal

The former University of Virginia lacrosse player who was convicted of second-degree murder in 2012 has been denied a rehearing.

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Veterans Get Behind Proposal To Change Veterans Affairs Department

Republican lawmakers and Concerned Veterans for America think Veterans Affairs would function better if it were easier for the department to fire underperforming employees.
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Maryland Lawmakers Crunch On Critical Bills Before Adjournment

In Maryland, it's go time for bills that deal with "House of Cards" tax breaks, minimum wage, and marijuana decriminalization.
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Bill That Delays Wind Farm Gets Preliminary Approval In Maryland Senate

The Maryland Senate has given preliminary approval to a bill stalling a wind farm project off the coast of the state's Eastern Shore.
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Maryland House Committee Stalls On Marijuana Decriminalization

In Maryland, a House committee has voted to study marijuana decriminalization rather than act. But supporters in the Senate say the fight isn't over.