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NSA Whistleblower Revealed

Edward Snowden, 29, a contractor for the National Security Agency, says he's behind the leak of information on the NSA's surveillance program. Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian reporter who broke the story of the leak and of Snowden's identity, offers his insight.

Fresh Air Weekend: Mitch Hurwitz, Jason Isbell And 'Before Midnight'

Arrested Development's creator tells Fresh Air that if the show doesn't get the right ratings this time, he can't blame the time slot. Isbell's new album, Southeastern, hits the spot. In Richard Linklater's third film about Jesse and Celine, the two have coupled up, but it's no fairy tale.

Finding An Anchor For A Life Set Adrift By A Shipwreck

Shengqiao Chen and Zehao Zhou met 20 years ago after a ship that was smuggling Chinese immigrants into the U.S. ran aground just outside New York City.