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Inspired By Monks, A Writer Embraces His Life Of Solitude

Fenton Johnson says that while alone, people can "find the richest possible ways of being in the world." He's lived alone for more than 20 years. His Harper's article describes his pursuit.

Fresh Air Remembers Pioneering Documentary Filmmaker Albert Maysles

Maysles and his late brother David made the 1976 film Grey Gardens, a study of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis' relatives who lived in squalor in their decaying mansion. He died last week at age of 88.

Education May Be Priceless, But A College Degree Isn't

The four college seniors participating in The Howard Project talk about how they're paying for college, how they make and spend their pocket money and what they expect in their financial futures.

Learning The Hard Truth About Lying

Marilee Jones, the former dean of admissions at MIT, inflated her resume and resigned from her position in 2007. Coming back from that kind of mistake can be harrowing — and life-changing.

Fresh Air Weekend: Larry David, 'High Maintenance' Creators And Chris Offutt

Larry David wrote and stars in the Broadway play Fish in the Dark; Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair discuss their Web series about a pot dealer; Chris Offutt discusses his new memoir.

Cold Weather Means Long Days For HVAC Crews

It seems like furnaces give out whenever the temperatures are really frigid. What has this winter been like for a heating repair technician? NPR's Scott Simon talks to Doug Braford in Cleveland.

Fresh Air Pays Tribute To The 50th Anniversary Of Bloody Sunday

On March 7, 1965, marchers from Selma, Ala., attempted to cross a bridge to demonstrate in support of voting rights. Selma director Ava DuVernay, John Lewis and J.L. Chestnut reflect on that day.

10 Years Later, A Pair Of Strangers Revisit A Leap Not Taken

On March 11, 2005, Kevin Berthia wanted to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. California Highway Patrol Officer Kevin Briggs talked him out of it. The two met recently to discuss what happened that day.

A Standout Student, A Star At Goldman Sachs — And Undocumented

Julissa Arce was a stellar student and an even better financial analyst, but she was scared to go to work every day. "Maybe today's the day someone's going to find out," she feared.

Fresh Air Weekend: Larry Wilmore, The Smart Home And Bill Gifford

Wilmore talks about how he's is still fine-tuning The Nightly Show; Alexis Madrigal explores a home full of appliances with computers; Gifford discusses his new book Spring Chicken about longevity.