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What To Do If Your Child Is Not A Happy Camper

Sleepaway camp is a rite of passage for many kids in this country. But what if your kids don't want to go? Tell Me More's parenting panel offers advice for getting kids ready for the experience.

'Shameful' Verdict Exposes Egyptian Journalists' Fears

A judge sentenced three Al Jazeera journalists to prison on charges of reporting false news. Two Egyptian journalists explain the challenges of reporting in a tense political environment.

First-Time Renters: 'Know What's Important To You' When Apartment Hunting

Getting your first apartment can be an exciting, daunting and expensive step. Host Michel Martin talks about how first-time renters can manage their finances with Pat Esswein of Kiplinger.

'Fresh Air' Remembers Writer And Middle East Scholar Fouad Ajami

In 1988, Ajami spoke with Terry Gross about an essay he'd written about how political catastrophe came to Beruit, Lebanon, and how the city where he grew up became a land of cruelty and hatred.

Hugh Masekela Reminisces On Musical Motivations, Mandela

South African trumpeter Hugh Masekela is one of the giants of his continent's music. In this encore broadcast, host Michel Martin sits down with Masekela to discuss his life and work.

Wimbledon Watches Serena Williams And New Stars

Wimbledon, one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world, starts today. Tennis blogger Courtney Nguyen talks about the players to watch and whether the sport is becoming more diverse.

Anika Noni Rose Gets 'Hype' To 'Radioactive'

Anika Noni Rose was nominated for a Tony Award this year for her performance in A Rasin in the Sun. For Tell Me More's series 'In Your Ear' she shares the music that helps keep her fit and focused.

Central Park Five Settlement: Was Justice Served?

New York City reached a $40 million settlement with the "Central Park Five," men who were wrongfully convicted of a brutal rape in 1990. Sarah Burns, who wrote a book about the case, offers an update.

'I'm An Iraqi': A Family Attacked, A Brother Missing

In 2005, Iqbal al-Juboori's family in Iraq was attacked at home and her brother was kidnapped. "As an Iraqi, you get violated," she says. "You don't have a lot of rights."

Fresh Air Weekend: John Oliver, Parquet Courts And Joshua Ferris

Comedian John Oliver pokes fun on his new show on HBO; Ken Tucker reviews Parquet Courts' third record; and writer Joshua Ferris discusses his latest novel about a dentist wrestling with his atheism.