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What China Can Teach The World About Successful Health Care

From free, universal care to for-profit hospitals, China has tried out radically different health care systems in the past 60 years. So what works — and doesn't work — for 1.3 billion people?

Longtime Couple Found That Clothes Didn't Make The Man

Vietnam veteran Sissy Goodwin has lived his life in a particular fashion for more than 40 years with his wife by his side supporting him. He says she taught him how to love himself.

Fresh Air Weekend: Graham Yost, Review Of Courtney Barnett, 'American Crime'

Graham Yost stays true to writer Elmore Leonard while making the FX show Justified; Ken Tucker reviews Barnett's first full album; creator John Ridley and actor Benito Martinez discuss American Crime.

Transcript: NPR's Interview With Afghan President Ashraf Ghani

Ghani spoke with Morning Edition host Renee Montagne.

It's Not a Junk Drawer. It's An Archive Of An Interesting Life

When spring emerges, it's time to clean, but one place might get a pass: the junk drawer. Consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow says maybe that's OK.

Fresh Air Weekend: Daniel Genis, 'Seymour' Documentary And Norman Blake

Genis, who served 10 years in prison for armed robbery, writes about prison life; John Powers reviews Seymour: An Introduction; Bluegrass musician Norman Blake releases an album of original songs.

Transcript: NPR's Interview With Chief Palestinian Negotiator Saeb Erekat

Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat spoke with NPR's Steve Inskeep about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's recent remarks regarding a Palestinian state. Read an interview transcript.

Transcript: NPR's Interview With Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke with NPR's Steve Inskeep on the heels of a win for Netanyahu's Likud Party in parliamentary elections this week. Read a transcript of the interview.

Dad To Son: 'Live With Hands Unfolded ... Release Your Gifts To World'

Fourth-grader Aiden Sykes asks his father, Albert, some of the heavy questions on his mind and gets some meaningful words in return. "My dream is for you to live out your dreams," Albert tells him.

The Truth About Humanitarian Work: High Ideals Vs. Hard Realities

In this week's For the Record, we meet three humanitarian aid workers: one confronting the Ebola crisis, another trying to educate Syrian refugees and another who's stepped back from field work.