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Fresh Air Weekend: 'Extreme Medicine,' Lake Street Dive, 'When We Get Home'

Dr. Kevin Fong practices "extreme medicine" from deep sea to outer space. Lake Street Dive comes out with a new album called Bad Self Portraits. And a military couple describes their long recovery in Plenty of Time When We Get Home.

At 77, Robert Redford Goes Back To His Roots

Redford says filming All Is Lost was a "pure cinematic experience — the way films used to be." He talks with Fresh Air's Terry Gross about how it's been "sort of weird" being known for his good looks, and about how he nearly wasn't cast in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. (Originally broadcast on Dec. 12, 2013.)

Coping With The Cold Is About Survival For The Homeless

Extreme cold has hit many parts of the country this winter, bringing life-threatening challenges for the homeless. Host Michel Martin hears how they've been coping. She speaks with Jerry Jones of the National Coalition for the Homeless, and Liz Kuoppala of the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless.

Brazil's Maria Rita Rediscovers Her Mother Through Music

Maria Rita may be the daughter of Ellis Regina, one of Brazil's greatest singers, but she's also a star in her own right. Host Michel Martin speaks to Rita about finding her own voice in the music world.

It's Hard Being A Black Man In Love With Figure Skating

Every few years when the winter Olympics come around, reporter Robert Samuels' heart begins to flutter. Samuels talks with NPR's Rachel Martin about his lifelong passion for the sport.

Love, Faith And Football In An 'Uncommon Marriage'

Tony Dungy was the first African-American head coach to win a Super Bowl. But he places football after matters of faith and family. Dungy and his wife Lauren tell host Michel Martin about their new book, Uncommon Marriage: Learning About Lasting Love and Overcoming Life's Obstacles Together.

Poverty Behind Detroit's High Child Mortality Rate?

The rate of infant and child deaths in Detroit is outpacing other major cities, according to a new report. Host Michel Martin asks Karen Bouffard of The Detroit News why the number is so high. Social worker Paris Rutledge explains the difficulties new parents face.

MyRA and IRA: Understanding Options For Your Retirement Savings

Host Michel Martin talks with financial planner Louis Barajas about how IRAs work, and how investors can use them to help people prepare for retirement.

Calling Kids With Disabilities 'Heroes' Can Be Damaging, Says Parent

Sarah Sweatt Orsborn's young daughter has a disability, but she says that doesn't make her toddler a hero. For more, host Michel Martin speaks with Orsborn and fellow mother, Eliana Tardio.

Pioneer Billie Jean King Moved The Baseline For Women's Tennis

A PBS documentary looks at King's legacy as both a tennis champion — she has a record 20 Wimbledon titles — and the leader of a female player uprising that demanded fairer treatment and pay. She tells Fresh Air about the challenges of being a female player before there was a women's league.