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The Fresh Air Interview: Nick Lowe

Singer-songwriter Nick Lowe joins Fresh Air's Terry Gross for an in-studio interview and performance featuring several songs from his 13th solo album, The Old Magic.

Former Biden Advisor Critical Of Cain's Jobs Plan

For another perspective on combating the increase in poverty, Tell Me More turns to Jared Bernstein. He served in the Obama administration as Chief Economist and Economic Adviser to Vice President Joe Biden. He responds to Herman Cain's 999 plan and identifies the impediments of getting Americans back to work.

Herman Cain Talks Jobs, 'Atrocious' Poverty Rate

The Census Bureau said Tuesday that about 46 million Americans were living below the poverty line in 2010. GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain discusses his ideas for helping the nation's most struggling populations. He says the business sector is the engine of economic growth and it's not getting any fuel. He also explains his 999 jobs plan.

An Interrogator Writes 'The Inside Story Of 9/11'

Former FBI agent and interrogator Ali Soufan talks about dysfunction and rivalries inside the government's counterterrorism agencies that led to missed opportunities — as well as the ineffectiveness of enhanced interrogation techniques on collecting intelligence.

African-American Women Through Eyes Of Multiracial Artist

Tim Okamura's exhibit "Bronx Brooklyn Queens" explores the complexity and beauty of the soulful New York City woman while imagining her rise to royalty. The collection uses graffiti-infused urban motifs. It runs for one month in N.Y. Okamura discusses inspirations for his work, and how his family's experience in Japanese internment camps has shaped him into the artist he is today.

Lt. Gov. Of Puerto Rico Pushes For Police Reform

The Puerto Rico Police Department has been accused of a pattern of unconstitutional activities and civil rights abuses. The accusations come after an investigation the U.S. Department of Justice launched in 2008. The DOJ issued a report last week citing excessive and deadly use of force, unlawful searches and seizures and discrimination, among other issues. Host Michel Martin and Lieutenant Governor of Puerto Rico Kenneth McClintock discuss the report and the government's responses.

Margo Martindale: A 'Justified' Moonshine Matriarch

Margo Martindale plays Mags Bennett, the leader of a law-defying Appalachian family in the FX series Justified. The Emmy-nominated actress talks about playing Mags — as well as her other roles in Paris, Je T'Aime and Million Dollar Baby.

Justice Denied In Puerto Rico, Says ACLU Chief

Host Michel Martin continues the conversation surrounding the Puerto Rico Police Department. The U.S. Department of Justice recently released a report accusing the police of violating the constitution and using excessive — sometimes fatal — force against civilians. Earlier this year, the American Civil Liberties Union conducted its own investigation, finding similar allegations of police brutality in Puerto Rico. Host Michel Martin speaks with ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero.

Reporter Recalls 'Reckless Courage' At Ground Zero

William Langewiesche's three-part series on the recovery effort at ground zero, "American Ground: Unbuilding The World Trade Center," was the longest piece of original reporting ever published by the Atlantic Monthly. Ten years later, he warns against wallowing in the events of that day.

Bush Aide Feith: 2 Of 3 Anti-Terror Goals Were Met

Doug Feith, who was undersecretary of defense for policy in the Bush administration, says the Sept. 11 attacks reshaped the U.S. foreign policy agenda. He sees the top two goals as achieved: preventing future attacks and disrupting terror networks worldwide. But on other goal, "countering ideological support for terrorism, I think we fell down badly on that."