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Phoenix To Self: 'Why Am I Talking About This? ... Joaquin, Shut Up'

The elusive actor tells Fresh Air about his new film, Her -- but he insists he's not really that interesting. "If I was driving and I heard this, I'd change the channel," he says.

'Period Of Turmoil' Preceded Abramson Firing, Says Top Editor At 'Times'

In an interview with NPR, The New York Times' new executive editor, Dean Baquet, said Jill Abramson was fired because of her failed relationship with the publisher and with senior editors.

During World War II, Even Filmmakers Reported For Duty

A new book looks at how the military and Hollywood directors teamed up during the war. The films they made helped show Americans what was at stake, and served as evidence during the Nuremberg Trials.

A Literal Truce Over The Misuse Of 'Literally'

Can we talk about the word "literally." NPR's Rachel Martin talks with David Haglund of Slate. (This piece originally aired March 10, 2014, on Weekend Edition.)

Fresh Air Weekend: Louis C.K., Miles Davis And A Military Dog

The comic's show, Louie, is now in its fourth season; Davis' performances at New York's Fillmore East are now out in full; and a Marine dog adjusts to civilian life.

'TED Radio Hour': What We Fear And How To Fight It

TED Radio Hour host Guy Raz examines what makes us afraid. He spoke to retired astronaut Chris Hadfield about the scariest day of his life: being shot into space.

For Actor Michael C. Hall, 'Cold In July' Is A Departure (Of Sorts)

In Cold in July, Michael C. Hall plays an ordinary guy whose life changes after an act of violence.

A First Black Professor Remembers Her Segregated Education

In 1966, Hortense McClinton became the first black professor hired by the University of North Carolina. She says in some ways, things are better since Brown v. Board — but in some ways, they aren't.

Fresh Air Weekend: Glenn Greenwald, 'Godzilla' And Todd Barry

Greenwald says he "erred on the side of excess caution" when writing about Edward Snowden's NSA leaks; David Edelstein reviews the latest Godzilla; and Barry tries a new stand-up strategy.

Making It In The Big Leagues Was A 'Long Shot' For Catcher Mike Piazza

In his memoir, the catcher opens up about getting drafted in the 62nd round, his feud with Roger Clemens and what it's like to go into retirement. Leaving the game, he says, was "like a small death."