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Fresh Air Weekend: A Bob Hope Bio, Christmas Albums And An Accordionist

Richard Zoglin talks about Hope's life and legacy; rock critic Ken Tucker recommends holiday listening; and Will Holshouser plays songs from his new album.

Countering The 8-Hour Sleep Schedule

Many assume that sleeping 8 or 9 consecutive hours at night is instinctual. But in a recent essay in Aeon, Karen Emslie says that this sleep schedule is in fact distinctly modern.

What Does Its Chosen Banner Say About ISIS?

The so-called Islamic State is known for its social media savvy, but they also use more traditional propaganda: a flag. Tess Vigeland talks with vexillologist Ted Kaye about its design and history.

How One Family Is Reacting To Obama's Immigration Plan

This week, President Obama announced an executive action to protect millions from deportation. NPR's Tess Vigeland speaks with Arlete Pichardo about her reaction to the news, and how it will affect her family.

Fresh Air Weekend: Norman Lear, A Review Of Basement Tapes, Jon Stewart

Lear, co-creator of All In The Family, talks about his new memoir; Ken Tucker reviews an album of musicians using Bob Dylan's lyrics; Stewart talks about his future hosting the Daily Show.

'If We Left, They Wouldn't Have Nobody'

When an assisted living home closed in California, many residents were still there with nowhere to go. But a cook and a janitor stayed, without pay, and took care of them.

Friend Remembers Unconventional Life, Career Path Of Peter Kassig

Abdul-Rahman Kassig, formerly known as Peter Kassig, is the most recent American captive beheaded by ISIS. Melissa Block speaks with Kassig's college friend, Joe Dages.

An In-Depth Look At The U.S. Cyber War, The Military Alliance And Its Pitfalls

In the book @War, Shane Harris reports that U.S. intelligence agencies, sometimes aided by corporations, are trying to dominate cyberspace. It's "changing the Internet in fundamental ways," he says.

Words Fail When It Comes To Aromas

It's easy to describe what something looks like, but a lot harder to describe how something smells. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Jay Gottfried, a neuroscientist who investigates this conundrum.

Why Are So Many Jewelry Stores Being Robbed?

A Manhattan jewelry store was robbed last week — in broad daylight! NPR's Rachel Martin speaks to numbers expert Mona Chalabi, who says the statistics on jewelry store heists will surprise you.