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Four Robots That Are Learning To Serve You

Everyday, robots are moving further from sci-fi into everyday reality. Robots can now assist with housework, giving directions and even surgery. They're still a few years off, but here are a few robots we may live with someday.

Fresh Air Weekend: Emily Rapp, Phil Spector, Philip Roth And Sea Chanteys

In The Still Point of the Turning World Rapp writes about caring for a terminally ill child. Phil Spector is based on the music producer, but it's fiction. Philip Roth is the subject of a PBS documentary. Tom Waits, Patti Smith and others appear on a new compilation of sea songs from Hal Willner.

Living And Loving Through The Bubonic Plague

Lucinda Marker and her husband, John Tull, fell ill when fleas carrying the bacterial infection bit them in 2002. The plague is so rare in the U.S., they were suspected of being terrorists or bioterrorism victims.

School Closings: How Administrations Decide

Many parents and teachers in the nation's cities are disappointed by a long list of school closings. But when enrollment is low and costs are high, administrators face tough decisions. Host Michel Martin speaks to the Chancellor of Washington D.C.'s public schools, Kaya Henderson, about how school systems weigh these difficult choices.

NRA Represents Only A Fraction Of Gun Owners

Kentucky farmer James Gash is one of millions of American gun owners who don't belong to the National Rifle Association - the powerful lobbying group. Gash talks with host Michel Martin about why the NRA doesn't speak for him.

When Should Politicians' Life Experience Determine Policy?

Republican Senator Rob Portman recently announced that, after years of opposition, he now supports same-sex marriage. He credits his own gay son with helping to change his mind. In her regular 'Can I Just Tell You' essay, host Michel Martin suggests politicians look out for all constituents' needs and rights, not just those inspired by family ties.

'Unwilling Witness': Former Journalist Recalls Iraq War

Sometimes, reporting on a war can be as difficult as being in one. Host Michel Martin speaks with former journalist, Abdulrazzaq al-Saiedi, about the moment during the Iraq War when he decided to leave journalism.

Interview With Vice President Joe Biden

Full transcript of NPR's Melissa Block's interview with Vice President Joe Biden.