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Rwandan Coffee Farmers Turn Premium Beans Into Harvest Gold

The rising popularity of premium coffee in the U.S. is having a direct positive effect on some of the poorest farmers in the world. Freelance photographer Jonathan Kalan has seen it firsthand, and explains how this business sprung up in Rwanda and how it continues to benefit the family farmers.

A Mother Tries To Atone For A Deadly Hate Crime

At 40, Julie Sanders is a mother of three from Portland, Ore. But when she was 16, Sanders belonged to a white supremacist group — and one night in 1988, she found herself at the scene of a murder. Since then, she's kept the event a secret from most of her friends and family.

Michael Phelps Exits The Olympics, And Enters Retirement At 27

Michael Phelps leaves London with 18 gold medals and a record 22 total medals. He says that his plans for life after the Olympics include visiting some of the cities he's competed in — but outside the bubble of swim meets, for a change.

Fresh Air Weekend: Chris Rock, Dan Auerbach

This weekend: Chris Rock explains how doing well has affected his humor and how "the most fun thing" is being a dad. Ken Tucker says Black Keys member Dan Auerbach works wonders as a producer. And Dean Norris on playing good in Breaking Bad.

The Most Influential Evangelist You've Never Heard Of

Texas evangelist David Barton is not a historian, but his Christian-nation view of American history is wildly popular with conservative churches, universities and the GOP. His supporters call him a hero; his detractors say he's a danger.

Fresh Air Weekend: Feminists, Models, Roma Music

Caitlin Moran explains How to Be a Woman. Two supermodels talk about what it's like to grow old in the HBO documentary About Face. And critic Milo Miles reviews the irresistible party music of Boban i Marko Markovic.