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Fresh Air Weekend: Chris Rock, Nunberg's Word Of The Year, Jacqueline Woodson

Chris Rock talks about finding the line between funny and "too far"; Geoff Nunberg declares "God view" as the word of the year; National Book Award winner Jacqueline Woodson talks about her memoir.

Finland's HIM Releases Early Work In 'Lashes to Ashes'

It's cold and dark in Finland, but the Finnish band HIM has been heating things up. HIM is currently touring the U.S.; two band members join NPR's Scott Simon to talk about their music.

Reporter In Kabul Wins Award For Courage In Journalism

Rolling Stone's Matthieu Aikins reported on this year's opium harvest — the biggest in Afghanistan's history. He also talks about traveling with a rescue crew in Syria and a Shia militia in Iraq.

Pumping Up A Star: The Leaky Suit That Blew Up A Career

From the My Big Break archives: Designer June Ambrose talks about how her big break came when hip-hop artist Missy Elliott needed a signature look for her first big video, "The Rain."

Fresh Air Weekend: Ray Davies, Books For Jazz Lovers And Josh Brolin

Ray Davies discusses 50 years with The Kinks; jazz critic Kevin Whitehead reviews three jazz books out this holiday season; Josh Brolin, who stars in Inherent Vice, still wonders if he's good enough.

President Obama And The Courts: A Shift In Balance

Journalist Jeffrey Toobin notes how Obama's appointees are a new mix of ethnic minorities, women and gay judges. But a couple of these courts are hearing suits that could undo some of Obama's actions.

Examining The Myth Of The 'Superhuman' Black Person

Social psychology researcher Kelly Hoffman has been researching white perceptions of black physicality as "superhuman" for the last three years. NPR's Eric Westervelt talks to Hoffman about her findings.

Taking Stock Of America's Toxic Sites And The Millions Living Near Them

A recent National Geographic article looks at toxic waste sites in the U.S. and the more than 49 million Americans who live near them. NPR's Eric Westervelt talks with writer Paul Voosen about his piece.

Fresh Air Weekend: A Bob Hope Bio, Christmas Albums And An Accordionist

Richard Zoglin talks about Hope's life and legacy; rock critic Ken Tucker recommends holiday listening; and Will Holshouser plays songs from his new album.

Countering The 8-Hour Sleep Schedule

Many assume that sleeping 8 or 9 consecutive hours at night is instinctual. But in a recent essay in Aeon, Karen Emslie says that this sleep schedule is in fact distinctly modern.