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In Kenya, Questions Arise Over Reported Warnings Of Attack

Kenyan authorities say they've made another arrest in the deadly attack on an upscale mall that shocked Nairobi last week. But officials are also facing questions over reports of intelligence that may have given warnings about the attack, which ended with at least 67 deaths.

Militants Kill Students In Dorms At Nigerian College

The attack occurred as many students of an agricultural college slept. As many as 50 people may be dead as a result of violence that is being blamed on the group Boko Haram.

Remarks On Women's Ovaries Expose Saudi Cleric To Ridicule

Sheikh Saleh al-Luhaydan warned women against driving cars by saying it could affect their ovaries. His comments come a month before a planned day of disobedience, when activists will call for women to drive — a right they do not have in Saudi Arabia.

Market Bombing In Peshawar Leaves Dozens Dead

An explosion has killed at least 37 people in Peshawar, Pakistan, where authorities say they suspect a car bomb was detonated in a street market near a police station. The powerful blast left a scene of devastation, with casualties and severe damage to nearby buildings.

'I Knew Something Was Terribly Wrong'

Katherine Walton, a 39-year-old American, was in the Nairobi shopping mall with her five children when it was stormed by members of al-Shabab last weekend. She talks to host Rachel Martin about the experience.

Al-Shabab Attracts International Recruits

The terror group has appealed to young Somali-Americans, and about 40 have joined their ranks, according to Peter Bergen of the New America Foundation. Host Rachel Martin talks to Bergen about the terrorist group that claimed responsibility for the attack last week of a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya.

Holy Smokes, Batman, You're Protesting In Brazil!

Protesters are dressing up as superheroes to demonstrate in Rio de Janeiro, but that's not the only place caped crusaders have taken to Latin American streets.

Mexican State's Anti-Corruption Plan: Hire Female Traffic Cops

In the central State of Mexico, authorities are trying a new approach to fight corruption: replacing notoriously crooked male traffic cops with women. But the state hasn't authorized the female force to issue tickets yet, and some question whether women will avoid bribery any more than men.

Two Young Girls, A World Apart, United By Twin Tragedies

For best friends — one in Washington, D.C., the other in Nairobi — communications bring quick comfort in the globalized world, where both the malls and the random gunmen are all too familiar.

Greek Neo-Nazi Party Arrests Follow High-Profile Murder

The Golden Dawn party has long been suspected of carrying out violent attacks against immigrants, but the Sept. 18 killing of an anti-fascist rapper incited national outrage.