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Mandela Remains In 'Critical But Stable Condition'

The former South African president and anti-apartheid leader is still in a Pretoria hospital with a lung infection despite reports that he'd returned home.

U.N. Inspectors Leave Damascus

The U.N. team carried evidence collected at the sites of an alleged chemical weapons attack near the Syrian capital, and Syrians are anticipating a missile attack from the U.S. Host Scott Simon speaks with NPR's Peter Kenyon, who is following developments from neighboring Lebanon.

Pentagon Plans Syria Strike Options

Ten years ago, the CIA made the wrong call about Iraq's weapons program. How careful are U.S. intelligence agencies being this time, investigating charges that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against its people? Host Scott Simon talks with NPR's Larry Abramson, who has been traveling with Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.

If 'Humanitarian,' Why Not Intervene In Syria Sooner?

Will a limited military strike prevent Syrian President Bashar Assad from launching future chemical attacks? Host Scott Simon speaks with former leader of Canada's Liberal Party Michael Ignatieff about so-called "humanitarian intervention" in Syria.

White House Says It's Not Out To Topple Assad Regime

President Obama says any military strike the U.S. makes against the Syrian government for suspected chemical attacks would be limited and unlike military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Host Scott Simon talks with Scott Horsley, NPR's White House correspondent, about the latest news on the Obama administration's efforts to build a coalition to strike Syria.

Does Obama Need Congressional Approval On Syria?

Nearly 200 members of Congress have signed letters insisting that the president submit plans for any military strike in Syria for authorization. Host Scott Simon talks with Democratic Rep. Jim McDermott of Washington, who has signed one of the letters.

How The Region Might React To An Attack On Syria

What would Iraq and Israel do if the U.S. launches military action against the Syrian government? Former analyst at the Defense Intelligence Agency Joshua Foust speaks with host Scott Simon about the wider consequences for the Middle East.

Marines Have Turned Helmand Fight Over To Afghans

The Taliban conducted a series of deadly attacks across Afghanistan this week, killing civilians, Afghan forces and several NATO service members. But they are targeting far fewer NATO troops these days, because those troops are focused on training and advising the Afghan army. NPR's Sean Carberry spent five days with U.S. Marines in one of Afghanistan's chronic hot spots and speaks with host Scott Simon.

Syrians Anticipate U.S. Strikes

Residents in Damascus are preparing for a possible attack from the United States. Syrian Nada Keuttnen, who works as a fixer for journalists in Damascus, tells host Scott Simon about the mood in the capital as the threat of U.S. missile strikes looms.

Putin Calls Claims Of Syrian Chemical Attack 'Nonsense'

The Russian leader says claims made by the U.S. are "nothing more than a provocation" for a military strike on the regime.